Black & Decker GSL700 7V Cordless Shear Shrubber Review

This cordless hedge trimmer and shrubber is effectively two tools in one. The trimmer is ideal for people with both lawns and hedges since you can use it to trim both by simply interchanging blades. As a cordless trimmer, you can walk around your garden trimming every hedge and bush without any restriction when compared to the corded trimmers. Combining two tools into one is not the only benefit to enjoy from the  GSL700. For instance, the fact that the trimmer is light, 1.7 kg makes it easy to work for longer without getting fatigue. You can even trim the hedges of your lawn using one hand and achieve a perfect cut, a feat that’s impossible with most other tools.

Main features include

  • Two tools in one, seven V-shears and shrubbers allow you to enjoy this single machine instead of using two pieces of equipment.
  • Docking station and charger for easier recharge after use.
  • Interchangeable cutting blades for hedges and lawn edges are easy to fix so that you can shift from trimming hedges to working on lawn edges.
  • Has a comfortable non-slip rubber handle for a better grip and portability when trimming hedges and lawn edges.
  • Measures just 32×15.3×15.3cm which makes it easy to manoeuvre and trim even small curved sections and corners of hedges for unique patterns.
  • Utilizes top performance lithium ion battery with an output of 7 volts. It can retain 80% of total charge even after idle storage of 90 days and over.

The pros

  • You will enjoy a comfortable grip and working position thanks to the rubberized handle when working on hedges.
  • Hardened double blades that remain sharp for longer so that you can enjoy creating clean cuts on all the bushes in your garden
  • Being cordless, you will enjoy working with this trimmer almost without limitations.
  • Slow discharge Lithium Ion Batteries keep the equipment charged for longer so that you can trim up to 60 box hedges before requiring recharge.
  • The Li-Ion batteries used in this equipment are good for trimming at all temperatures. This, unlike other equipment powered by NICD/NiMH batteries, can be used even in freezing conditions.
  • The battery can be recharged any time without suffering memory effect.

The cons

The equipment might not be ideal for working on overgrown hedges with hard branches and dry leaves, and of course it isn’t suitable for doing large sections of hedge where a full size hedge trimmer is required.


For homeowners with box hedges, lawns, and thick, young shrubs in their garden, the Black & Decker GSL700 7V Li-ion Cordless Shear Shrubber Kit is a very valuable asset. In summery this shrubber combines long lasting battery power and a light weight design to make every trimming task enjoyable as you keep working for longer without suffering from fatigue.
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Black & Decker GSL700 7V Cordless Shear Shrubber Kit

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