Black & Decker the GTC1843L20-GB Pole Hedge Trimmer Review

If you’ve ever heard  horror stories about people falling off ladders whilst working then you’ll probably agree that anything to try prevent such accidents can only ever be a good thing. Well the Black & Decker GTC1843L20-GB Pole Hedge Trimmer is a fully realised example of one solution to this problem (when that workplace is the garden and the work is hedge trimming). Its telescopic handle enables you to trim branches up to 1.98 metres out of normal arms reach, ensuring the only hazards you might face are falling leaves and branches (hence safety glasses are always a must!). Besides this key safety feature, this trimmer is compact and ideal for conventional hedge trimming, but from a purely practical perspective it can of course get to places that any other regular trimmer simply can’t reach.

Features to look out for

  • Extra long handle fitting so you can reach even the highest of hedges safely
  • Diamond ground blades with their dual action movement ensure excellent cutting performance whilst reducing vibration during operation
  • The swivel head helps to prune the sides as well as top of tall hedges easily
  • The anti-vibration system minimises vibration and possible onset of personal injury such as ‘Vibration White Finger’
  • Double-safety switch and an electronic brake that guarantees your safety and security in an unexpected situation
  • Once the battery is fully charged, the GTC1843L20-GB operates for around 40 to 60 minutes before needing a recharge.


  • The blade is designed to rotate to an angle of 180 degrees so you can easily position yourself at whatever angle you so desire, perfect for reaching awkward spots or trimming irregular shaped foliage
  • In case you’re short on space, you can disassemble the parts for easy and convenient storage – it’s quite likely you’ll need to as this is quite long when assembled!
  • Being cordless, this trimmer provides hassle free movements so that you can tend hedges at any part of your lawn
  • It comes complete with a free second battery, and yet still retails at a relatively low price
  • The rear handle is a soft grip for comfortable operation and to tackle vibration induced discomfort/injury
  • The weight is equally distributed for comfort and better control
  • The battery is detachable so you can use one battery as the other one is on charge


  • Although it is not too heavy, it can cause fatigue if you work with it continuously without rest, particularly if holding it up high. In truth if you have a serious amount of work to do at height, a ladder is still (if used safely and correctly) the best solution


If you have tall hedge to cut then this is one of the best long handled hedge trimmers available for the domestic market. As mentioned above, using your conventional trimmer whilst stood on a step ladder is of course an option, but for the sake of your safety, not to mention the convenience it brings, if you can you’d do better just to kill both birds with one stone by investing in a long handled hedge trimmer.

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