Black & Decker GTC36552PC-GB Cordless Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer Review

Don’t allow the lightweight design of the Black + Decker 36 V Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer fool you into thinking the trimmer lacks power. The 36-volt lithium-ion battery coupled with the 55-centimetre hardened steel dual action blade ensures the hedge trimmer flawlessly slices through the thickest hedges. Anti-jamming technology prevents the trimmer from stalling due to the inability to slice through thick branches. By simply pushing a button, you clear every jammed branch to continue your hedge trimming project. With 1,300 blade strokes per minute, the hedge trimmer from Black + Decker completes difficult trimming jobs in less time than it takes the hedge trimmers manufactured by the competition.

The bale handle design produces a balanced cut that increases your personal safety. You also benefit from the ergonomic design of the bale handle, which places very little pressure on your arms, back, and shoulders. Since the Black + Decker 36 V Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer operates on a battery, you never have to worry about accidentally cutting a power cable. The two handed starting switch prevents the trimmer from starting before you’re ready to use it. Black + Decker has inserted a hand guard between the bale handle and cutting blades to protect your hands from slipping off the handle. This feature has special relevance on humid days, when the handle becomes moist to the touch.  The lack of a cord gives you optimal movement flexibility to reach tight spots.

The addition of a three-way combination switching system has confused some users. Other than the hand fatigue caused by operating the combination switching system, the Black + Decker 36 V Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer has received universal praise for its ability to last longer and cut faster than other hedge trimmers.


·        Ergonomically friendly bale handle design

·        Hand guard protects hands from deep cuts

·        Powers through the thickest branches

·        Anti-jamming technology

·        Push button to remove jammed objects

·        Blade strokes of 1,300 per minute


·        Hand fatigue caused by newly added combination switching system


This hedge trimmer makes an excellent addition to any lawn care and landscaping company equipment inventory, and the garden shed of a casual user. It quickly slices through the thickest hedges by producing 1,300 blade strokes per minute. The lithium-ion battery charged machine eliminates cumbersome power cables that only get in the way. Black + Decker incorporates a bale handle design to reduce the amount of pressure placed on your arms and shoulders.

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Black & Decker GTC36552PC-GB Cordless Anti-Jam Hedge Trimmer
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