Honda HRE 370 Electric Lawn Mower Review

Honda HRE 370 Spec ImageAlthough known for their prowess in the world of combustion engines, Honda aren’t afraid to dabble with electric motors either, and with this little mower they haven’t done too bad a job of putting that experimentation to good use.

Typical of electric mowers this has a narrower cutting width (37cm) than its gas guzzling bigger brothers, so it’s designed firmly with the smaller garden in mind, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it isn’t powerful, it’s 1300 Watt motor certainly packs a punch, and many users have found it to be one of the quietest mowers they have experienced using.

Ease of use was definitely paramount in the minds of the designers when they set about the task of coming up with this mower, its single point height adjustment makes toggling between the 5 cutting heights an absolute doddle, and the power switch spans the whole handle bar thus making it easy for both left and right handers to control. The controls and other protrusions have been deliberately positioned inside of the handles, so you don’t need to worry about them snagging on things when you put the mower back in your over crowded garage..


  • Thermal cut out- essential safety feature to ensure that should you get too over zealous and the motor starts to overheat, it won’t get cooked for good
  • Decent size collection bag – a 32 litres it isn’t the biggest, but the perforated fabric does improve airflow and collection efficiency
  • 15 metre cable – adequate for most small to medium size gardens
  • Deck design is devoid of ‘nooks and crannies’ and is therefore easy to wipe clean of grass trimmings, indeed there are some reports of dried grass accumulating on other electric lawn mowers causing the motor to be insulated and overheat. With this you stand the best chance of preventing such an event, however unlikely it may or may not be


  • The bottom of the grass collection bag is not connected to the mower body – any particularly violent bumps or knocks could cause the bag to momentarily come away form the mower and some spillage may result
  • The cutting width while adequate is not as wide as many electric mowers on the market that plum for a more standard 40 cm
  • 15 kg in weight – again many similar size electric mowers are lighter, so this could be improved


Though masters of the petrol engine and lawnmower Honda most certainly are, less so are they masters of the electric lawn mower. Still this mower has some nice features, not least the power of the motor and its thermal cut out function. The fairly narrow cutting width and seemingly excessive weight don’t do this mower any favours, but if it’s power and reliability that you’re after then this mower delivers on both counts.

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Honda HRE 370 Electric Lawn Mower Review
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