The Best Lawn Mower For a Small Garden

For the average homeowner here in the UK and elsewhere in Europe a large garden is a rare luxury, instead most people only have a small garden, perhaps 10 x 10 metres. To that end lawn mowers suited to small gardens are some of the biggest sellers on the market today. The good news for you if you fall into this category is that the big names in the industry have all done a great job of meeting this need, coming up with mowers designs that are optimised for smaller gardens and their owners. The downside is knowing which is the best lawn mower for a small lawn with so many different examples available.

Well you don’t need to expel any more energy thinking about this as we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here are our top 5 lawn mowers for small gardens:


Bosch Rotak 32R

As one of the most recognisable names in consumer electrical products of just about any kind you know you’re in safe hands with any of Bosch’s lawnmowers, but for the small garden you won’t go far wrong with the Rotak 32R. It’s small compact, lightweight, and easy to use by just about anyone. If you’re limited on storage space as many small homes are, then a small shed or weather proof box is all that’s needed to store this mower, thanks to it’s folding handle and dimensions being only 65x35x35 cm. Although this mower is small that doesn’t mean it lacks innovation, it features the ‘grass combs’ found on other Bosch mowers to help guide grass at edges and borders into the path of the cutting blade. For you traditionalists, it also features a roller so you can even create lawn stripes. Just because your lawn is small doesn’t mean it can’t have style!

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Flymo Easimo

Although known primarily for their hover mowers, Flymo do produce a good solid range of wheeled lawn mowers as well, in both mains electric and battery powered varieties. For those small gardens out there we can strongly recommend the Easimo, it’s cost effective and it’s no frills, but most importantly it gets the job done. It’s important to note that this mower really is for small gardens, it won’t respond well to overly aggressive use and for some the 10 metre power cable might be a little over stretched, but as touched on before, for the money this mower really has few competitors.

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Black and Decker 1200 Watt Edge Max

As the smallest in the Edge Max Range this 1200 Watt varient offers everything that Black and Decker do with all their products: innovation, reliability, and value for money. Similar to the Bosch approach, this machine features the ‘edge max’ system for channelling grass into the cutting blade, but the innovative features don’t stop there, like the others in this range this mower features a window in the grass collection box so that you can keep an eye on how full it is, and a high performance motor that won’t stall when things get too challenging. We’d almost find it hard to fault this mower were it not for it’s plastic cutting blade, these are and have always been prone to going blunt far too easily.


Qualcast Elan 32 Review 3

Qualcast Concorde 32 Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower

If  you have a small garden and for whatever reason you choose to go down the cylinder mower route, our recommendation would be this model from Qualcast. Though it’s by no means the cheapest lawnmower on the market, it is one of the cheapest cylinder mowers, and when properly set up and maintained it will give some of the best results. As cylinder mowers ‘scissor’ and cleanly cut the grass rather than tear it like most rotary mowers, this will be a key tool in the aromoury of any small garden owning lawn enthusiast.

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Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Lawn Mower

Of course no run down of the best lawn mowers for small gardens would be complete without a mention of manually powered lawn mowers, and for our money the best example available is this offering from Bosch. It’s solidly built, and when correctly set up offers a cut to match that of a powered cylinder mower. As well as being suited to small gardens, the AHM 38G is also one of the best value lawn mowers available, retailing for notably less than most powered models.

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