New Bosch Universal Rotak Range Reviewed

Among the many advantages that have long been associated with electric lawn mowers, comparatively quiet operation has always been at the top of list of reasons for making the choice of electrons over petrol vapor.

I would probably argue that a cheaper purchasing price and reduced maintenance costs probably trump noise in terms of buyer priorities, but none the less it’s a problem that is fit to be addressed, and indeed Bosch have done just that with their latest range of Rotak lawn mowers, branded UniversalRotak.

It’s claimed that operational noise is reduced by up to 70% compared to the older Rotak models, which in themselves weren’t exactly noisy, yet the UniversalRotak range certainly do indeed produce noticeably less noise, although how useful this is to you is as much down to your mowing habits and relationship with your neighbours as anything else.

Of course reduced output noise is just one of the improved features on offer, perhaps more importantly Bosch have also managed to do away with one of the more awkward and laborious elements of lawn mower operation: the need to manhandle a clunky lever (or 4) in order to change the mower cutting height. With the UniversalRotak range you can kiss goodbye to this archaic practice thanks to some clever mechanical wizardry that enables the height adjustment process to be triggered with a simple push button and pull handle on top of the mower deck. Whilst it’s not quite into the realms of have a button on the handlebar that does the job, it is a least a step in the right direction and certainly a welcome addition for less able bodied users among us.

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