The Best Petrol Lawn Mower 2022

Choosing the Best Petrol Lawn Mower

If you know what you’re looking for in a petrol mower, it would be well worth your while checking out some of our petrol mower reviews. On this site we aim to review the best petrol lawn mowers available on the market today, giving you the key facts that ultimately help you make an educated decision about which mower to buy.

Below you’ll find a table that gives you a direct comparison between many of the top-selling mowers on the market in 2022, and their key features. Below that you’ll find information on what to look for in a petrol lawnmower and excerpts from detailed reviews. Remember, if you see anything that catches your eye then please have a read of the full review

The comparison table includes 7 columns:

  • The mower model name and picture
  • The power of the engine in Watts
  • The cutting width in centimetres
  • The grass collection box capacity in litres
  • Other unique or notable features
  • Price guide – Based on the approximate current selling price from Amazon. The prices change frequently depending on availability and special offers. Generally speaking £ = Under £200, ££ = £200 – £250, £££ = £250 – £400, ££££ = £400+
  • Rating – The average user rating from Amazon UK reviews. This gives a good indication of how satisfied people are with their purchase.
Manufacturer and ModelPower (Watts)Cutting Width (cm)Grass Box Capacity (litres)Other featuresPriceRating

Einhell petrol self propelled mower
16504650Folding handle££4.6

Honda Izy HRG416SK
33004150Self propelled£££4.0

Einhell GC-PM 46 S Self Propelled Lawn Mower
19004650Self propelled££££4.0

Hyundai HYM400P Lawn Mower
-4040For smaller lawns£5.0

Lawnflite S42PO Lawn Mower

Hayter Motif 48
-4859Self propelled££££4.0

Flymo Petrol Power Air Cushion

Einhell BG-PM Petrol Lawn Mower
17404660Self propelled££3.5

Titan Pro 22″ Zero Turn Lawnmower
-5680Self Propelled, Zero turn functionality££££4.5

Efco LR53-TK Petrol Lawn Mower
-5160Self Propelled£££4.0

Hyundai HYM51SPE Petrol Lawn Mower
44005170Self propelled, multi functional - mulching, bagging, side discharge. Electric start££££4.0

Webb 21in High Wheel Petrol Lawn Mower
-5370Self propelled, large wheels for use on uneven terrain££££4.0

Webb 17″ Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower
-43-Cylinder mower, optional scarifier cassette can be fitted££££3.0

Frisky Fox PLUS 20″ Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
5.5 horsepower5550Self propelled££4.5

Mountfield S421R PD Self Propelled Petrol Rear Roller Lawnmower
-4155Self propelled, rear roller£££4.5

Ryobi RLM4617SME 175cc Subaru Powered Petrol Lawnmower
440046554 in 1 - bagging, mulching, side discharge, rear discharge££3.0

Tiger TM5120SP 20″ Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
-51654 in 1 - bagging, mulching, side discharge, rear discharge££3.5

Viking MB 248 T Petrol Lawn Mower

John Deere R40 Petrol Lawn Mower
-4044Polypropelene deck££££4.0

John Deere R43 Petrol Lawn Mower

Webb 42cm Petrol Lawn Mower
-4260Rear roller, ABS deck££££4.0

What to Look For in a Petrol Lawn Mower

Petrol lawn mowers have become the go to choice for many novice gardeners over the course of the last century, they’re powerful, versatile, and known for their ability to get the job done effortlessly and quickly, which is great especially if you have a large garden of 400+ square metres. There are several things you should know before setting out to buy the best petrol lawn mower available to you, not least whether or not you even need one, so if you’re coming at this with little to no knowledge of lawn mowers at all then it would be worth reading our article ‘Electric or Petrol? making the right choice’ before going any further. If you know that petrol is definitely for you then read on, as we’ll look in more detail at the various features and considerations involved when buying and owning a petrol mower.

First things first you should understand that petrol mowers are more expensive than their electric or manually driven counterparts, so you should expect to pay an absolute minimum of £100 for a very basic model, and upwards of £1000+ for a top end example. Which you choose will depend largely on how many bells and whistles you like to have, but also the quality of key features such as the engine and grass collection mechanism, which if ineffective or unreliable will cause nothing but frustration and wasted time. Other features such as ergonomic controls and a wide range in cutting height adjustment are not necessarily ‘essential’ but certainly nice to have, and it’s features like these that will come down to personal preference.

Essential Features:

  • Reliable power plant – look for names like Briggs and Stratton, Honda, and Evopower and other trusted and proven brands when checking what engine a mower has. A reliable and sufficiently powerful engine is essential to ensuring that your mower runs properly every time, for a long time! The engine must be easy to start, run, and maintain.
  • Decent cutting width – to justify using a petrol mower you should be dealing with a large area of 400+ square metres, therefore you’ll need a cutting width of at least 40cm in order to be able to cut the grass in a reasonable amount of time, and many petrol mowers have larger cutting widths of up to 50cm to make the job even quicker.
  • Around a 50l capacity grass collection box/bag – any less and you’ll find yourself having to empty the mower too often, making mowing the lawn a more time-consuming and arduous task. Some mowers work a lot better than others when it comes to collecting grass and not clogging, so it’s always worth checking reviews and customer testimonials.
  • Easily maneuverable – Large wheels, and a relatively lightweight construction should enable you to direct the mower just about wherever you need to.
  • A wide range of cutting heights (between 20cm and 70cm is typical) – If you need to take care of overgrown areas, or wish to achieve closely cropped cuts then you’ll need to be able to adjust the cutting height. So whether you’re just getting rid of the excess in the Autumn and Winter, or crafting the lawn in the Summer, be sure that your mower can handle it.

Non-essential, But Still Very Useful Features:

  • Well-designed user interface – comfortable, and easy to use controls make all the difference when using a mower for an extended period of time, and can prevent irritation due to vibration. It’s also worth choosing a model with a height adjustable handle if you fall outside of ‘average’ height ranges.
  • Self-propulsion – meaning the mower drives itself and you just do the steering, perfect if you lack strength or stamina.
  • Mulching feature – useful if you wish to cut the grass regularly, and of course as you use this there is no need for a grass collection bag

Absolute ‘Nice To Haves’:

  • Hose connection for washing the underside of the mower – whilst it’s true that you may need to be careful about turning you mower over to clean it, unless you have a special reason not to it’s still the tried and tested method
  • ‘Zero turn’ ability – More commonly found on some models of ride on mower, the ability to turn on the spot has also been integrated into a few pedestrian guided models, it’s useful if you lack the strength to pivot your mover onto it’s back wheels and turn it, but it’s by no means a must have feature.
  • Electric Ignition – As long as the engine is manufactured to a high standard then there should be no need for this.
  • Roller – Unless you have a real burning desire for lawn stripes then this is not a necessary feature with standard rotary mowers. For true lawn enthusiasts, a cylinder mower with a roller is a much better option for creating stripes.

Top Recommended Petrol Lawn Mower Reviews

Honda Izy HRG416SK Petrol Lawn Mower

Think of the words ‘Power’, ‘Precision’, and ‘Innovation’ and it’s likely that Honda will be one of the names that come to mind.

Known for their super reliable and efficient cars, as well as motorcycles, and boat outboard engines, you can be sure that if they’ve designed a petrol driven lawn mower it will be more than up to the job of cutting your lawn.

So with such high expectations in mind let’s take a look at the ‘Izy HRG416SK’ lawnmower and see exactly what it can offer.

The first thing to note is that this mower is self-propelled, meaning a much less strenuous job for you, and it has the essential safety feature of halting both the mower as it drives forward and the action of the cutting blade should you let go of the handlebar.

Other features that almost go without saying are a decent sized grass box (50 litre) which is essential for optimising cutting time and reducing time spent emptying grass, and a range of 6 incremental cutting heights.

Read the full Honda Izy HRG416SK petrol lawn mower review

McCulloch M46-125 Lawn Mower

Here’s a beast of mower that will be sure to get the job done thanks to it’s powerful Briggs and Stratton engine and deep cutting deck to tackle different grass heights.

Looks wise this mower is the business, and it’s features only serve to reinforce that impression. With a massive 46cm cutting width this mower is an excellent choice for cutting the lawn done quickly in a medium to large size garden, and the 50l grass box means that you won’t be emptying the grass every 5 minutes, meaning less time mowing and more time to spend enjoying your garden. Result.

At increments between 20 – 75 cm, the cutting height of this mower can be set to cope with everything from a regularly and well-groomed lawn, to a veritable backyard jungle (almost!).

One of the real stand out features of this mower has to be the ease with which it can be cleaned, thanks to the ‘Gardena’ water hose connector you can clean the underside of the cutting deck simply by attaching a hose to the specially designed inlet.

Read the full McCulloch M46-125 lawn mower review here

Einhell Petrol Self Propelled Mower

A powerful and robust petrol driven lawnmower, this is the ideal choice for large gardens and the most challenging of conditions.

On a single tank of fuel this mower can cut an area of up to 14oo square metres, the first sign that this beast is cut out for some serious work. Delve a little bit deeper and you begin to see why, featuring a powerful 125cc, 4 stroke single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine, this mower will just about tackle anything you care to throw at it. The engine also makes the task easier for you too with it’s disengaging rear wheel drive mechanism giving you the flexibility to let the mower propel itself across the lawn, and for you to take control in more intricate and harder to navigate areas.

Read the full Einhell petrol self propelled mower review here

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