Einhell GC-PM 46/1 S Petrol Self Propelled Mower Review

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A powerful and robust petrol driven lawnmower, this is the ideal choice for large gardens and the most challenging of conditions.

On a single tank of fuel this mower can cut an area of up to 14oo square metres, the first sign that this beast is cut out for some serious work. Delve a little bit deeper and you begin to see why, featuring a powerful 125cc, 4 stroke single cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine, the GC-PM 46/1 S will just about tackle anything you care to throw at it. The engine also makes the task easier for you too with its disengaging rear wheel drive mechanism giving you the flexibility to let the mower propel itself across the lawn, and for you to take control in more intricate and harder to navigate areas.

Aside from the impressive engine specs this mower has many other features to help you make short work of cutting your lawn. A 46cm cutting width ensures that you aren’t taking anymore lengths up and down your garden than you possibly need to, and also means that you get a good amount of distance out of your mower for the amount of fuel you put in.

With a large garden you’re likely to want more options for cutting the grass to a different length depending on the time of year, what the lawn is being used for and so on. With this mower you have 9 set heights to choose from ranging between 30mm and 80mm, more than enough for most gardeners.

In keeping with rest of the time-saving features, this mower features a grass collection box with a whopping 65 litre capacity. This is probably about the limit of what you would want to carry, any more and it would start to become too heavy to manoeuvre (when not engaged in self propel mode that is), but as it you can be sure that you won’t be emptying the grass container any more than you have to, leaving you to get the job done quicker.

The handle of this mower is pretty nifty for a couple of reasons, it can be folded, which is great news if you’re limited on storage… or you just need to make some more space in the garage! It’s also height adjustable to two different heights, great news for both the tall and short among us.


  • Powerful engine tackles all conditions
  • Height adjustable and folding handle
  • Large cutting width and grass storage capacity
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Powder coated deck for scratch and corrosion resistance


  • Does not come supplied with oil
  • Self propel/manual propel change over lever has been known to slip out of position or dettach at times as it is only clipped on
  • Grass collection bag may be knocked loose if your lawn is particularly bumpy or uneven


This is a really excellent example of a petrol mower, and quite honestly like other Einhell lawn mowers we’re struggling to find a bad thing to say about it. Okay, so there has been the odd account of the propulsion changeover lever causing a few problems, but we suspect that this might be down to people giving it an accidental kick or knocking on some other obstruction. Whilst there might be cause for a review of this aspect of the design, it’s probably just as easy to take extra care as far as this lever is concerned. Overall it’s pretty safe to say that this mower should provide you with many years of reliable and fairly effortless lawn mowing pleasure and/or service, depending on your disposition on the subject!

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