Black & Decker KG901K-GB Angle Grinder Review

As the bigger brother to the Black & Decker CD115A5, the KG901K-GB is one of the best angle grinders available if you’re after something powerful yet at the same time affordable. The Blacker & Decker name is one to trust, so you’ll be in safe hands if you do choose this grinder.

Despite its 900 Watts of power, this is a compact and relatively small piece of kit, and not without good reason, you’ll be able to access all the corners, nooks and crannies that other bigger grinders simply cannot reach. Along with its light weight construction this grinder ideal for light to moderate grinding tasks on a domestic scale. Bear in mind then that if this is what you had in mind for workshop duties, it might not be the ideal tool for you, you’ll need something more powerful such as the Wolf Industrial Grinder if you’re operating at a professional level.

So what applications can you put this compact grinder to? Well, quite a good number of them, you can use it to cut bolts and nuts as well as clean rust off metal surfaces, perfect for any ‘Upcycling’, or restoration work you might have on anything from a fire guard to decorative fencing. In addition, you can use it to cut metal pipes and hollow sections if you’re dabbling with a bit of plumbing or metal fabrication work. After you finish welding any structures you construct, you can once again use the grinder to get rid of excess weld, leaving surfaces smooth and well polished. In all of these examples this grinder is proven to be powerful enough for the job.

Some other features you can look forward to include a safety shield that can be adjusted without the need for tools, a spindle locking feature for faster grinding disc change, and a lock-on feature for the power button that allows you to hold the tool comfortably without straining your fingers while working for extended periods.


  • Tool-free hand shield adjustment
  • Spindle lock for easier and faster disc changing
  • Lock on switch gives you total control and helps avoid cramp in the fingers


  • Does not come with complimentary discs
  • Some users have noted that it feels a bit awkward and unbalanced to hold


An excellent mid range grinder both in terms of cost and power, crucially the Black & Decker KG901K-GB is noted for its unfaltering performance, and whilst it might small, don’t be fooled into thinking that makes it cheap and/or nasty! A great value for money tool that delivers in every way.

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Black & Decker KG901K-GB Angle Grinder
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