Bosch GWS 7-115 Angle Grinder Review

If you need a grinder for home or professional use, then the Bosch GWS 7-115 is the tool for you. Part of Bosch’s ‘Professional’ range (distinguishable by their blue colour), this grinder is fitted with a powerful 720 Watt motor that will help you turn solid to dust with ease.

Working with the GWS7-115 guarantees your safety as well job satisfaction. It has a spindle lock to counter unnecessary movements while working, meaning no energy is wasted anywhere other than where it needs to be, and no disconcerting sudden jerky movements to worry about.

With a small grip circumference of just 176mm, this is comfortable to hold, and don’t overlook the flatness of the device head either, this design makes it easy to use even in the most unreachable nooks and crannies, within reason obviously! With its 720-Watt motor, this is powerful enough for most grinding tasks  whether light or moderately heavy. In fact where this grinder really comes into its own is as a substitute for a more powerful 9 inch grinder in circumstances where something of this size and power would simply be overkill.

The GWS 7-115 certainly isn’t the cheapest grinder on the market, given its ‘professional’ grade and status, but to counter any fears you might have about anything jeopardising your investment, it has a two year warranty which gives you that assurance of check up in case for any reason it doesn’t match your expectations.


  • It is light weight just 1.9 kg which makes it easy to carry around and work with for long hours
  • Has a small disc area of 176mm, smaller than other angle grinders, and ensures a smooth ride while working
  • Has an in built air inlet to ensure the mechanism doesn’t over heat if you’re using the grinder for a long period of time
  • Protective devices like the anti-rotation gadget and a blade guard to ensure against any harm to you should you get caught off guard
  • Features a lock-on switch which is a life saver if you need to use the tool one handed – ok this isn’t advisable, but if you really need to for any reason, this will allow you to do so
  • Spare parts are readily available, so for example should you use this thing to within an inch of its life and require new bearings or brushes, you will be able to track them down easily with a bit of googling


  • Although it is light weight, there are lighter grinders on the market- check out the likes of what Makita have to offer for comparison
  • Some users have complained about the power cable fatiguing and getting damaged over time, so this would certainly be something to keep an eye on- make sure the cable isn’t put under any undue stress, both in use and when in storage
  • Adjustment spanner isn’t great- you’ll be better off using your own adjustable spanner
  • It’s definitely on the noisy side, so ear defender use is imperative from the moment you power up

For a reasonably affordable price, you get a lot of angle grinder in the GWS 7-115. It’s ideal for more advanced DIY work and for professionals who need a reliable grinder in their repertoire, for example it has absolutely no trouble cutting through thick sections of cast iron. The designers were mindful of  safety when they were conceiving this grinder, hence the decision to include the spindle lock and anti-rotation features. It’s not perfect, but as long as you don’t push it beyond reasonable limits and look after it, this grinder will serve you well for many years.

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