Makita GA4530/2 Angle Grinder Review

Being a Makita tool says a lot about this angle grinder, even before we can get down to looking at its features, you know it’s going to be half decent thanks to brand reputation alone. If you’ve been looking for a very functional angle grinder, the Makita GA4530/2 is ideal for you. It might not look as striking as other models, and it might retail for slightly more, but make no mistake, it will cater for every grinding/cutting job for which you deem it appropriate. Armed with the correct cutting disc it can be used on timber, stone, ceramic and even metal surfaces with no quibbles at all, but most importantly you’ll soon notice the difference in quality between this and a cheaper grinder when you compare the amount of vibration it produces – virtually none. With a budget grinder it can take all your strength and concentration just trying to hold the damn thing steady, so you can kiss goodbye to actually doing a neat and tidy job. With the GA4530 however, this isn’t an issue at all.

From its appearance, you will notice that it is not as large as other angle grinders, and this gives it an advantage of portability as you work. The narrow diameter handle also helps prevent hand cramps that come from holding bulky tools for too long. It can also be used in areas that are restricted in space, or areas that can only be accessed with small tools. To further bolster its nimble qualities, this grinder also has a very flexible power cable, the kind that won’t stiffen up in colder temperatures, and potentially restrict movement.

It comes with a very powerful 720 Watt motor that ensures it makes short work of anything you put in front of it- just remember to keep those hands well clear! Will all that power you might think that overheating would be an issue, but fear not as it comes with a heat resistance feature that seeks to protect both you and the tool as you work.

The Makita GA4530/2 comes with accessories such as a cutting disc guard and adjustment wrench to ensure your experience with it is perfect.


  • It is lightweight, approximately 1.8 kg
  • Locking button on grinder head makes changing discs a simple ‘click and clip’ operation
  • Small disc of 115 mm, and small overall package that ensures comfort and easy maneuvering
  • Powerful motor of 720W great for home and professional use


  • Does not have a carrying case
  • The switch might require at bit more effort to operate due to it being a tad on the fiddly side, although you’ll soon get used to it
  • Depending on who you ask, a grinder of this power output level might not be best suited to cutting masonary as it’s debatable whether it’s designed to cope with the same level of dust ingress cutting masonary produces than a bigger, more powerful grinder is. The jury’s out on this one for now though


If you’re looking for a superior grinder, then the Makita GA4530/2 is your perfect match. The power tool is ideal for home use due to its lightweight compact package that makes it perfect for long periods of use without giving your hands cramps. It has a powerful motor, but it doesn’t make much noise, and in that respect is a perfect home use grinder. It may not have a carrying case but that’s really the only draw back. Well worth the money.

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