Ryobi EAG 2000RS Angle Grinder Review

Along with the likes of Makita and DeWalt, Ryobi tools are generally thought of as being at the top end of the power tool market, so you can’t really go wrong with them in an amateur context. This angle grinder is a great choice for big messy jobs like cutting slabs or blockwork, so let’s take a closer look.

The Ryobi EAG 2000RS;  there are many standout features with this angle grinder, but among the most important is a wheel guard. This is easy to remove and attach, without the need for tools, so if you need it or don’t need it, you’re always able to make the switch without any effort. Of course from a safety perspective for the most part we’d recommend leaving it in place, but it’s nice to have the option for those one off occasions where you don’t need it.

Compared to many other commercially available grinders, this one is extremely powerful, courtesy of a 2000 Watt motor. The cutting, chopping, and removal of material doesn’t get any quicker than when using this 9 inch grinder, so just make sure you need something as powerful as this thing before you buy it, certainly for cutting things like paving slabs a grinder of this size and power is a must. It might well be that this is overkill if you only have a one off job to do, but we’ll leave that to you to decide.

The secondary handle at the front of the tool can be positioned to meet the needs of either right or left handed users, which is great from a versatility standpoint. And for its part, the rear handle has a little trick up its sleeve (quite literally) in that it forms the storage space for the grinder adjustment wrench. So if you ever do need to make an adjustment, you’ll know exactly where to find it!

Another plus for the Ryobi EAG 2000RS is that the spindle lock makes sure the wheel when you want it to, but stays dead still when you don’t. You can also rest assured you’ll be protected while using the grinder because the spindle lock restricts the tool from rotating unexpectedly. Also on the subject of safety, there’s an indicator light at the foot of the rear handle, so you know before you pick it up if the grinder is likely to start moving should you depress the handle by mistake.

Accessories included as part of the Ryobi EAG 2000RS package include a grinding wheel, a wrench and carry case. The carry case is especially needful since the grinder is approx 6kgs, not for the faint-hearted, so again think carefully before you buy!


  • It is simple and easy to use despite being geared towards heavy duty work
  • It has a ‘Ryobi Live’ tool blue indicator light to show if it is switched on or off
  • It is a powerful grinder with an output capacity of 2000 Watts, far in access of most smaller grinders


  • Some first time customers find it hard to assemble, so it’s not totally user friendly in every respect, and of course it’s a tad on the heavy side, but that’s to be expected for a 9 inch grinder


The Ryobi EAG 2000RS is is a very powerful, heavy duty grinder for professional use. However that doesn’t mean it isn’t user friendly, features like the swiveling auxiliary handle and spindle lock make it versatile and safe for just about anyone to use. It might require some time to assemble, and is definitely on the heavy side, but if you can swallow that you’ll be left with an exceptionally powerful tool from one of the better manufacturers out there.

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