Add Value to Your Home With These Garden Features

When most people think of adding value to their property, extensions and loft conversions are the most obvious things that come to mind, but you shouldn’t overlook making improvements to your garden as well. A well presented garden can add as much as £2000 to the value of a property, so it’s certainly worth thinking about making some improvements if you can. Of course the return on your efforts are determined by what level of investment you make in the first place, and indeed some features are considered more valuable to buyers than others.

Experts at the property buying website have compiled a list of features in order of potential value to prospective buyers, with some interesting opinions among their group of experts:


Utility is clearly the order of the day, with 82% of experts agreeing that a decent sized shed is the most important thing to consider when adding value to a garden. Somewhat surprisingly an artificial lawn is seen as the least appealing despite being a firm favourite among modern families. I guess you just can’t beat the real thing!

Privacy and security are clearly important to people’s perception of whether a garden works for them or not, so investing in decent fencing and other privacy features will always give prospective buyers a warm feeling when they come to view your property, which ultimately leaves them much more likley to make you a decent offer.

Besides making serious changes to your garden’s infrastructure, it’s important to focus on simple details such as keeping the space tidy and clear of clutter, just as you would with the interior of the house. In fact making too much of a permanant impression on a property may detract some prospective buyers from being able to project their own ‘vision’ for the property. After all people love the potential of an unfulfilled space as much as they do the finished article, so finding the right balance is key.

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