Are Your Trees Safe?

Bad TreeTrees can be both friends or foes; they give shade and beautify the environment, along with playing an active role in photosynthesis, but they can also endanger lives and/or properties should they fall without warning. Hence, if you do have a slightly iffy looking tree in your garden it’s critical to examine it properly to access whether or not it poses any danger.

Warning Signs

There are some simple, obvious signs that warn of potentially unsafe trees.

1) Large, dead branches

These could fall any time in any weather condition as the branches are rotting and weak. They should be removed as soon as possible to avoid danger and potential calamity.

2) Presence of Mushrooms

If a lot of mushrooms or fungus appear at the base or on the trunk, then the tree is showing signs of advanced decay. The tree should be safely felled as soon as possible.

3) Twin Trunks

Twin trunks tend to be weak as they attach to each other and depend on the same lower trunk and base. There is a greater risk of high winds splitting the tree to cause a fall, so keep a close eye on these.

4) Ancient Trees

Just because a tree is old that doesn’t necessarily make it either safe or unsafe. An arborist or Tree Surgeon should be consulted on the structural issues of the ancient tree and estimate its potential lifespan. If it is deemed to be too old then they may suggest it be felled.

Action to Take if Your Tree is Worse For Wear

Good tree maintenance involves checking on the condition of your tree, or trees, regularly to ensure safety at all times. The aging process causes trees to wither and rot with overgrown branches and pests to make their nests on them.

Professional tree maintenance contractors (otherwise known as ‘Tree Surgeons’) should be consulted to handle the felling of bad trees safely. You should consider a few simple steps to get the best tree felling services in your area.

1) Compare Services and Pricing

Best estimates are obtained with a simple comparison on services and packages offered from various tree felling companies. Market experts would list their track record of satisfied customers and approved licenses to provide excellent tree maintenance services to customers.

2) Hire for the Right Task

Before hiring, ensure that the preferred service provider is able to perform according to the desired specifications as part of their agreed services. The scope of services must be specific to avoid any misunderstanding and dissatisfaction. A written contract is recommended as proof of the agreed tasks for the agreed payment.

3) Spray Activities

If spraying a tree for pest removal is required, it should be clearly specified in the contract, as such activities are sometimes deemed to be additional requests and not on the standard list of task for Tree Surgeons.

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