The Best Basketball Hoops for Your Garden or Driveway

Installing a basketball hoop in your garden or driveway not only sharpens your ball handling skills, it also offers you a daily dose of exercise that improves your athletic endurance. However, many novices have no idea how to shop for a basketball hoop, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be an over complicated task, it just helps to have a little background knowledge first.

In this article, we start with a brief basketball hoop buying guide, before describing four of the best basketball hoops currently available.

How To Buy the Best Basketball Hoop for Home Use

Playing basketball in the great outdoors represents an outstanding way to burn calories, as well as enhance balance and coordination. Whether you play Around the World or invite friends over for a scrimmage, there are a few buying tips you need to know before handing over your credit card.

Location Matters

Basketball requires plenty of room to establish a perimeter. A large, even incline area such as a driveway or a backyard patio gives you the space needed to set up one of the best basketball hoops.

Type of Backboard Material

Children typically bounce basketballs off graphite or polyethylene backboards. Clear backboards such as acrylic work best for adults that possess beginner and intermediate basketball skills. For hard core ballers, polycarbonate offers a high performance surface and top of the line tempered glass produces a professional basketball arena appearance.

Portable versus In-Ground

The best portable basketball hoops include a large plastic base that rolls on a set of wheels to give basketball aficionados ultimate placement flexibility. In-ground basketball hoops require less space to set up, but installation of the best basketball hoop for the driveway requires cement to create a permanent installation. The upside of in-ground basketball hoops is the stability provided to accommodate more physical play.


Regardless of the type of basketball hoop, backboards range in size from 120 to 180 centimetres. The size of the backboard you choose for either the best basketball hoop in ground or best outdoor portable basketball hoop depends on player skill level. Novice basketball players can enjoy pickup games banking shots off smaller backboards, while more advanced player prefer regulation size backboards.

Height Adjustment

The best basketball hoops include a mechanism that allows you to change hoop height. Most adjustable basketball hoops range in height from 7.5 to the professional height of 10 feet. Adjustable basketball hoops offer you the flexibility to allow players of all skill levels to enjoy the best portable or in ground basketball hoop.

Without further ado, here are the reviews that capture the attributes four popular basketball hoops.

Basketball Backboard Ring Net and Ball

Manufactured and sold by RBM Industrial Supplies, the Basketball Backboard Ring Net and Ball offers inexperienced basketball players the perfect hoop to improve their ball handling skills. The rugged backboard provides true bounces that prevent beginners from getting discouraged playing basketball on the driveway. As one of the best basketball hoops for the driveway, this basketball hoop measures 88 by 56 by 57 centimetres to give you plenty of room to practice new shots.

At three kilograms, the basketball hoop weighs much less than standard garden and driveway basketball hoops. The lightweight design makes installation easy for even the most challenged do it yourself homeowners. You can also install the Basketball Backboard Ring Net and Hoop on the side of the garage to turn your driveway into a basketball haven. The regulation size steel ring does not corrode because of prolonged exposure to moist conditions, which is a positive attribute to have in the mostly humid regions of the United Kingdom.

Colourful graphics on the backboard create an aesthetically appealing addition for your home. The stylish appearance is the primary reason many homeowners opt to install this backboard on the side of their homes or garages. However, by installing this basketball hoop on the side of your home or garage, you prohibit the establishment of a clear out of bounds area and instead, create a basketball court that includes balls that bounce off a solid out of bounds foundation.

The basketball that comes with this basketball hoop is deflated and many consumers that bought the basketball hoop claim the ball never achieves full inflation. We did not find the claim to be true, although we tested the ball only a couple of times to verify bounce height. The lack of portability reduces the options you have for setting up a viable half court basketball court or even creating a full court by purchasing a second identical basketball hoop. We recommend this basketball hoop for casual basketball players.

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Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Indoor Outdoor Basketball Backboard Hoop Net Set

High-quality polyethylene leads the list of the positive attributes that come with the purchase of a Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Indoor Outdoor Basketball Backboard Hoop Net Set. The rugged backboard material remains in pristine condition for years because of the resistance to the wear and tear caused by frequent use. Polyethylene also eliminates the problem of refurbishing a basketball hoop because of prolonged exposure to rain and snow. In fact, many consumers that bought one of the best basketball hoops for driveway use say the backboard withstands winter weather better than the materials that comprise their garages.

You can attach the Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Indoor Outdoor Basketball Backboard Hoop Net Set at the top of a garage door or on an outdoor wall, such as the side of your home. The backboard delivers accurate bounces for a wide variety of shots, from free throws at a set range to numerous distances beyond the three point arc. The professionally modelled 45-centimetre diameter rim is size proportionate to the 110 by 70 by 110-centimetre backboard. Larger than the average size backboard, this backboard creates more rebound opportunities, instead of allowing errant shots to go out of bounds.

The ring and backboard provide long lasting durability, which represents a strong buying point for avid basketball players that work on their games daily. If you have tired of purchasing cheaper backboards that break after a short period of use, then this backboard is for you. However, you need to have a large enough drill and drill bit (12 to 13 millimetres) to attach the backboard to a garage or outdoor wall. Moreover, the use of a drill makes the installation of this backboard one of the more difficult backboards to install. You have to drill six holes into hard surfaces, which means drilling precision is a must have skill.

The lack of leeway for drilling errors can create a weak foundation for the basketball hoop. Instructions that accompany the basketball hoop need more clarity to ensure you set up the basketball hoop at the perfect level and height. Some homeowners complain that the drilling process creates holes in the side of homes and garages that diminish the aesthetic appeal of their properties. The bottom line is that if you want a professional calibre basketball hoop attached to the garage of side of your home, you probably need to recruit a professional who is highly skilled with using a power drill.

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Professional Basketball Stand & Hoop



If you want the best portable basketball hoop for driveway use, the Professional Basketball Stand & Hoop will more than exceed your performance expectations. You can train for an upcoming basketball season for serious or recreational play by yourself, as the innovative design of the best basketball hoop for home use includes a rebound system that automatically returns a basketball after every shot that you make. This time-saving feature eliminates the hassle of retrieving basketballs, which allows you to develop a shot rhythm you can recreate during games that count in the standings.

With one effortless pull of the lever, you can adjust the height of the Professional Basketball Stand & Hoop between 7 and 10 feet. This means you can purchase one of the best basketball hoops for the driveway to accommodate the size of a toddler and then slowly increase the height of the hoop as the child grows into adolescence. The portable basketball stand and hoop meet all of the requirements mandated by the NBA. More important, the heavy-duty acrylic backboard and rugged steel frame endure the harshest winter weather found in the United Kingdom. You do not have to disassemble the backboard and roll the frame into your garage for winter storage.

The most positive basketball hoop portable reviews typically mention the stability of the portable basketball hoops. For the Professional Basketball Stand & Hoop, the base contains sand to produce a stable foundation for the most aggressive players. You can rock a dunk and the frame barely moves. The downside of the heavy sand is the frame requires at least two adults to move, which diminishes the positive attribute of portability. Many consumers complain that the Professional Basketball Stand & Hoop acts more like an in-ground basketball hoop because of the difficulty caused by moving the heavy sanded frame.

Portable basketball hoops require assembly, which can create headaches for do it yourself homeowners. That is not the case with the Professional Basketball Stand & Hoop, which does not require more than two hours to read the instructions and build the portable basketball hoop. All you need is a reliable ratchet set and at best, average do it yourself skills. As one of the best portable basketball hoops for the driveway, the Professional Basketball Stand & Hoop is an effective skill development tool for beginners and accomplished players. In fact, many reviewers praise the portable basketball hoop for transforming their novice games into highly proficient basketball players.


Oypla Pro Spec Adjustable Basketball Net Post – Black 2.1m

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With the recent introduction of a free delivery policy within the United Kingdom, Oypla has created a competitive edge for the Oypla Pro Spec Adjustable Basketball Net Post. The impervious PE backboard handles any punishment you inflict on it, as well as remain in pristine condition standing outside throughout a harsh British winter. The backboard never succumbs to debilitating corrosion. Constructed with pure steel, the robust frame absorbs the hardest fouls and most emphatic slam dunks. Adjust the height of the rim between 1.6 and 2.1 metres to accommodate the skill level of every player that uses your world class portable basketball hoop.

Oypla definitely understands the meaning of portability, as the Oypla Pro Spec Adjustable Basketball Net Post moves effortlessly from one spot on your driveway to another spot located several metres away in the garden. Oypla inserts well-greased wheels at the base of the basketball hoop for easy movement over the most rugged terrain. If you need more space to park cars in the driveway, you can quickly move the portable basketball hoop out of the way. At nine kilogrammes, the basketball hoop requires only one adult to move.

Another factor than enhances the portability of the Oypla Pro Spec Adjustable Basketball Net Post is the water that fills the base to provide unmatched stability. Many portable basketball hoop bases contain heavy sand that make moving the portable basketball hoops difficult at best. Thirty-five kilogrammes of water feels much lighter to move than the weight of 35 kilogrammes of sand. This is because water moves with the momentum of your pressure, as opposed to sand that never budges at all. In addition to weight differences, water also creates little if any friction on the surface of the base, while sand eventually creates enough friction to produce small openings for the sand to escape. This produces a less stable foundation for your portable basketball hoop. Strong winds can knock over sand filled basketball hoops that have lost considerable sand in the base.

The neatly packaged Oypla Pro Spec Adjustable Basketball Net Post does not require an engineering degree to erect. Following the simple to understand instructions leads to a set up time of just under one hour. We recommend one of the best portable basketball hoops for driveway use as the perfect training tool for experienced basketball players. Beginners might find the portable basketball hoop to be above their playing league.

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