The Best Cat Deterrent (That Isn’t Another Cat)

A while ago we did a roundup of all the different methods of keeping unwanted cats from using your garden as a litter tray. As it turns out there are many gizmos available to help with this very problem, but the most effective is, and probably always will be, to have your own cat take claim over its territory.

To us though, this always seems like a feeble solution, not least because taking on the burden of looking after a cat is far from the ideal solution if it’s cats that are causing you problems to begin with.

Therefore it’s worth us highlighting the best, non cat based solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of a motion activated water spray cat repellent. Produced by the aptly named ‘Petbye’ this spray device is modest is both price and apparent quality, but I’ll tell you what, it doesn’t half do the job!

Supplied with everything you need to get going (except 2x double A batteries, a garden hose, a small cross head screw driver to attach the battery cover, and a water supply) the device takes minutes to setup, and almost immediately alleviates any problems you’ve been having. It’s simply a case of setting the stake post of the device into the area where you’ve been having most problems, and adjusting the sensitivity and spray arcs using the simple dials on the top and back. As soon as a cat come within range the device sprays sequentially within an arc, the sound of which alone is usually enough to make the cat retreat, but even if it were to make contact with the cat, it’s completely harmless.

It’s worth noting that you should set the range sensitivity of the device to as small a distance as you can to avoid the device picking up on other random movements such as leaves blowing in the wind, or else you might find it going off constantly, which can be irritating, not to mention an unnecessary drain on the batteries.

It’s pretty rare that such a cheap and cheerful product seems to do the job so easily, but this is one such example that does. We’ve not tested it to this end, but apparently it works just as well for deterring foxes, presumably in low light levels which is impressive in itself. The instructions are simple, but they tell you everything you need to know. The only minor potential source of confusion we noted was that the instruction referred to elements of the device as being green rather than red. This is a simple ‘colours may vary’ scenario, so don’t go routing around the packaging looking for green bits of plastic that don’t exist!

To reiterate then, this is THE best solution for scaring off unwanted cats from your garden, period!

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