Do You Have The Best Looking Lawn in Britain?

You toil hours over several weekends to turn your nice looking lawn into a finely manicured masterpiece worthy of an art gallery exhibit. The lawn care methods you implement range from hand digging out oxygen sucking weeds to replacing sections of your lawn with robust looking turves. You understand that lawn care is a year long adventure requiring the establishment of a detailed lawn and garden calendar.

The meticulous care that you provide for your lawn produces lush grass and a brilliant array of plants and vegetables in the garden. We have only one question for you.

Do you have the best looking lawn in Great Britain?

Great Britain’s Best Lawn Competition

Briggs & Stratton, which is the largest manufacturer of petrol lawnmower engines in the world, held a competition every year that selected the British homeowner that boasts the best looking lawn. The leading company for producing outdoor power equipment searched for the best looking lawn throughout the country. EGO Power+ has taken over sponsorship of the competition in 2017. From small patches to large rounds, the competition attracts a wide variety of homeowners that possess a strong passion for creating and maintaining vibrant looking lawns. EGO Power+ offers a generous award to the homeowner that exceeds the company’s lawn care criteria. The award handed out by the company includes more than 100 pounds worth of battery powered lawn and gardening equipment.

Do You Have What It Takes?

The 12th year of Britain’s Best Lawn competition continues to celebrate the dedication of homeowners that take lawn care seriously. Past winners of the competition have included homeowners that spent up to 10 hours a day creating and maintaining competition winning lawns. With EGO Power+ as the new competition sponsor, homeowners that implement petrol alternatives to lawn care will have a leg up on the rest of the competition’s entrants. Some of the criteria used to judge lawns include mowing precision, the absence of any weeds, and the development of a vibrant garden that includes fruits and vegetables that provide household sustenance.

EGO Power+ has released press statements that emphasise the company will consider lawns of all of sizes and shapes. This means quality rules over quantity in the 2017 search for the best looking lawn in Great Britain. Check back here later in the year for updates on competition rules and when EGO Power + plans to announce the winner of the Britain’s Best Lawn competition.

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