How to Create Stunning Lawn Décor with Inexpensive Salvaged Building Materials

As you think about the design of your new house there are various things that you need to look at. One thing that people often overlook is the lawn or garden. If you have a backyard or lawn, you’ll  need to think about it and ensure that it look good at all times as part of your overall domestic picture. There are various things that you can do to make your garden look great without having to spend a fortune, and one of the quickest and easiest is to make your lawn look more interesting with salvaged building materials. There are many places where you can get such items, for a very small cost, such as garage sales, building demolition sites and charity shops.

When you start your journey for looking for salvaged material, you may be wondering what kind of material will best suit garden ornamentyour garden. It really does not matter what you decide to use, the important thing is to match whatever appeals to your preferences. Whether it’s a damaged French door, old cart wheels, window frames, rusty fences, bushel baskets, old bike frames, or anything else that can be turned into some sort of feature. To make the search easier, try to visualise items that will easily fit with the atmosphere of your backyard or lawn and narrow down your search accordingly.

garden mannequin
Mermaids? Sure, why not?!

Deciding on some sort of theme is a good idea, as it’s a much easier and more fun process if you do. Maybe you want a vintage theme, wild countryside theme or mystical or fantasy theme. Once you have a direction in mind, it then becomes much easier to find the materials that you need for your lawn.

Again it doesn’t really matter what you get, if it’s not made for the outdoors, you can easily paint it. You’re not limited to choosing what you want when it comes to salvaged materials. As long you don’t have to spend much or worry about extensive work in decorating your garden, then you’re all set.

Once you’ve assembled your items and decided where they will sit, you can take one of two approaches next – either leave them to their own devices and let the weeds and grass grow around them naturally, or create purpose built plinths for them to sit, and perhaps plant vines or creepers to deliberately ‘swallow’ them up. You could also take the more traditional ‘Garden Gnome’ approach and hide the items in amongst flower beds or sit them around the edges of ponds. Try to be as creative as possible, who knows, maybe you’ll come up with some truly original installations that would turn heads at the Chelsea Flower Show!

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