Downsizing Your Lawn

For some people the novelty of having a lawn, particularly a large one of an acre or more, will wear off in time. If you don’t have the energy you once did, and there is no good reason for you to have a large lawn such as a place for pets and young children to play, then there is no reason why downsizing your lawn isn’t an option. It doesn’t mean getting rid of it completely (unless you want to of course) but instead simply prioritising which areas are more important to keep than others, and from there deciding what to do with the areas you are prepared to sacrifice.

Besides changing the look and feel of your garden, reducing the size of lawn also means you can use a less powerful lawn mower and/or strimmer, which is great if you’re tired of pushing around a big heavy petrol powered model, instead you might be able to make do with an electric or cordless mower instead.

What to do with your new space(s)

Flowerbed Lawnmowerwizard
Ok, you don’t have to go to quite this extent, but you get the idea!

Other options include planting ornamental grasses with features that contrast with the grass on the lawn, this gives a slightly neater definition between the two areas, or you could introduce other plant life, by extending existing flower beds, planting trees, hedging or shrubs.

You might also choose to lose part of you lawn to make way for man made features such as decking or a patio, or even a pond.

By carefully combining one or more of these ideas you’ll be surprised at just how drastically you can change the character of your garden to be more in keeping with your current lifestyle. Your lawn may have once been a rough and ready play area for children, but with a little imagination it can quite easily become a sophisticated space for entertaining guests over wine and good food in the Summer months.

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