Eight Nifty Uses For a Pressure Washer You Might Not Have Thought of

Do you enjoy washing and cleaning? Well if you do you’ll probably get a unique thrill with a pressure washer in your hands. Even if you already have one and use it to remove stubborn stains from paving, there are more creative ways you can use your pressure washer besides this.

Indeed, you can easily pressure clean all types of surfaces and items from both your house and garden, but first things first select a nice warm and sunny day to make the best of your cleaning jobs, and to ensure that surfaces dry quickly.

1. Cleaning Cars And Other Road Vehicles

A pressure washer is the best tool to remove lumps of dirt from your car or van. Pay particular attention to hidden areas such as the wheels, undercarriage, and furthest sections where grime easily accumulates. Remember not to select too powerful a model or setting because too powerful a water jet can remove a car’s coat of paint or laquer.

 2. Cleaning Boats

In the same way you can clean road vehicles, pressure washers are very effective at clearing dirt and algae from a boat’s exterior. Again remember not to use the highest pressure setting because it can remove the paint and even dislocate loose joints or damage the laminate structure if your boat is made from fibreglass.

3. Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

Being regularly exposed to dust, animal fur, and other forms of dirt, outdoor furniture can get very dirty. Your pressure washer will clear all the dirt from the patio, sunroom, or outdoor sofa to remove grime and other dirt, just be a little bit sensible with the pressure settings, and if the furniture is clearly not designed to be cleaned in this way (ratten for example) you’ll need to think of an alternative cleaning method.

4. Cleaning Decks And Creative Patios

In the same way that a pressure washer clears all the dirt from cars and footpaths, decks can also accumulate a lot of dirt from exposure to the natural environment. Using a pressure washer helps to clear dirt, debris that might have settled on the surface so that it may return to its original colour. You might be surprised what the original colour of your patio actually is under all that dirt!

5. Paving, Floors And Garage Doors

Greases applied on hinges often find their way to other parts of the door, or onto the floor, while debris can accumulate from regular visits. Driveways can also get stained by debris trampled in by foot traffic to and from the house. Don’t let these stains damage the attractive outlook of your home, simply use a pressure washer to clear them!

6. BBQ Grills

After using your BBQ to throw a great party, cumulative grime can be tough to clean. Detach electrical and gas connections before getting started pressure washing the grill to clean off all the grime- trust me when I say this is the most effective way of doing this!

7. Lawn Mowers And Other Garden Equipment

Your lawn mower and other gardening equipment get very dirty during use, it’s the nature of the beast unfortunately. Thankfully a pressure washer will remove grass stains, earth buildups, and greasy leakages so that these tools look as good as new. Remember to allow them to dry completely before storage, and if necessary apply WD40 or machine oil to prevent corrosion.

8. Is that a ball stuck in the tree or top of the hedge?

Wondering how to remove the ball stuck in the hedge or tree? Just use a pressure washer rather than messing about with a ladder, easy peasy!


































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