First Impressions Count: A Beautiful Lawn Will Help Sell Your Home

You’ve probably have heard the expression, or something similar to it, that goes like this; “First impressions make lasting impressions.” This timeless adage applies from everything to first dates to the greetings business professionals exchange at industry seminars and conferences. “First impressions make lasting impressions” also has relevance for those that place their humble abodes on the market.

Your lawn makes the first impression that determines whether a prospective buyer moves forward in the home buying process.

Drive by First Impressions

Technology has dramatically changed the way we buy and sell homes. Realtors and do it yourself home sellers upload images of properties to entice potential buyers to explore the properties further. It is one thing to claim a home offers several unique amenities, but quite another thing to provide evidence of the amenities.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but is the picture presenting the current appearance of a homeowner’s lawn?

The old fashioned process of purchasing a home still rules the real estate world. This means that if you put your home up for sale, you can expect potential buyers to drive by the property for a quick once over to determine if they want to move to the next stage in the home buying process.

Your Lawn is the First Thing They See

Prospective homebuyers typically notice the status of a lawn before they move on to other features, such as the roof and exterior appearance of a home. If a prospective homebuyer sees a meticulously cared for lawn replete with lush grass and manicured bushes, he or she will typically assume that the home is worth checking out inside. The correlation between a high-quality lawn and interior appearance is strong. Look at your lawn like an angler looks at bait. The better the bait, the more likely you will catch a fish.

What Do Homebuyers Look for in a Lawn?

Homebuyers do not care about the type of fertiliser you use to sustain a healthy lawn, or the presence of a dazzling display of petunias. What potential homebuyers want to see in a lawn is grass that displays a lush green appearance and has been cut in opposite directions to create a visually appealing landscape. Overgrown lawns that contain several barren patches, as well as the presence of moss and weeds, do not make the type of first impression that you want to make on potential homebuyers.

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