Funime Kettle Charcoal BBQ Review

If you’ve never strayed beyond using a disposable barbecue before, but the time has come for you to make the transition to something a bit more permanent, then a good choice is a small ‘kettle’ type barbecue.

A kettle barbecue is a good halfway house between small travel/disposable barbecues and larger, far more expensive gas barbies. You might think them a little too small for the job, but you’ll be surprised just how long and hot the coals will burn for, you’ll have plenty of time and heat to feed a party of 10 with ease.

The Funime Kettle BBQ

The Funime Kettle BBQ is the perfect case in point, with its 17″ grill and deep fire bowl it is the perfect accompaniment to a small summer gathering.

In terms of assembling the Funime, you’ll need a few screw drivers, an adjustable spanner or set of socket heads, and about half an hour of distraction free time to put it together. It’s not too bad a job, but you should pay close attention to the instructions, in particular make sure you use the smaller of the screws to assemble the rotating vent plates on the lid and fire bowl.

The finished article is a nice compact little bbq, with a set of wheels to easily move it around, an ash catching plate, and a small wire rack shelf at the bottom for storage. The perfect barbecuing solution if space is at a premium.

Let’s Get Cooking

Once assembled it’s simply a case of placing a bag or two of instant lighting lumpwood into the fire bowl and waiting for the flames to die down. Once the food is cooking you’ll find the lid really helps contain the heat and smoky flavour, which is something smaller open barbecues definitely lack. With a bit of adjustment of the air vent on the bottom of the fire bowl you can control the amount of heat produced, either speeding up or slowing down the whole process.

If you’ve got any concerns about heat being transferred to the handles, then you can rest assured this isn’t a problem, they are obviously designed in such a way that this doesn’t happen. The only problem as far as handles is concerned is that there is only one handle in the side of the fire bowl. You’ll find other kettle barbies have one either side so that you can easily pick up the whole thing to move it. The Funime doesn’t have that luxury, which is slightly annoying, but not a deal breaker.

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