Get Your Dad a Gardening Gift This Father’s Day

Dads are a one of a kind, always there to help you out in when you find yourself in need. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car, or need help moving house, you can always rely on your Dad to be there to give you help or advice.

If your Dad is a keen gardener, then why not take the opportunity to give him something back this Father’s day? There are plenty of ideal gardening gifts to make him feel appreciated. Dads tend to be practical chaps, so let’s have a look at a few gift ideas to get you started:

Plant Theatre Essential Tool Bag

What could be more quintessentially ‘gardeningy’ than a good set of trowls and and hand tools? This is a nice little kit that includes just that, along with a set of secateurs, a hand cultivator and gardening gloves among other tools, all contained within a smart canvas tote bag. The whole kit comes in a smart presentation box, making it the ideal gift.

Tuff Concepts Compact Walk-in 3 Tier 6 Shelves Greenhouse with Cover

If your Dad is a novice in the ways of growing his own produce, then what better way of an introduction than a cheap, easy to put up folding greenhouse? This model from Tuff Concepts requires no tools to put up, and comes with a total of 6 shelves to fill with plants, perfect for your dad to flex his green fingers with.

50 Ways to Kill a Slug

For the dad that loves to read as much as he loves gardening, what could be the better gift? This book details 50 ways of dealing with every gardeners biggest foe, slugs. Some humorous, some ingenious, but all are completely organic and chemical free. A great fun read, and practical advice too.

Lawn Ranger Thermal Hat

Dads are often the most stubborn people you’ll meet, always thinking they know best, and working tirelessly without help from others. For Dads who insist on working outside in the garden in all weathers, you might not be able to stop them, but you might at least be able to prevent them from catching a cold in the process with this thermal beanie hat, aptly emblazoned with ‘The lawn Ranger’

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