Hardy Plants to Grow in Autumn

The days get short and the weather gets cool and the garden is suddenly abandoned. These are classic symptoms that autumn is well and truly here and winter is coming shortly. Autumn is a chance to have ultimate productivity in your garden, not only for giving those late summer crops and other warm-weather perennials one last chance to be the centre of attention, but also to give some time to growing other unique fall time plants.

Autumn might not seem like the most ideal time to plant new crops, but there are some special quirks to growing in this season.

When it comes to edible and ornamental plants, treat carefully around choosing the most frost-resistant and quick maturing varieties to get the best results in autumn. Some ideal plants and vegetables that have proven success in fall growing include the following.

Spinach: there are many types of lettuce, such as spinach, cabbage, and kale,  all of which prefer the cooler weather. This is good news for growing these vegetables in the autumn and having plenty of nutrients to add to your meals during those cold winter months. For them to grow best, you should cover them at night as the temperature dips low.

Carrots: the advantage of root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips growing underground means that you have more time to work with them. Even if you need to harvest them early before the cold really kicks in, they’ll still taste delicious once they’re roasted in your oven.

Broccoli and cauliflower: these two vegetables are particularly hardy in the winter months and they really thrive in those temperate parts of the country. You will need to protect them from the early frost using plastic covering or netting, but they will certainly continue growing during these initial colder months.

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