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‘Nature is good for your health’

Ok, it’s unlikely we’ll be recieiving the nobel prize for medicine for this obvious claim, but it’s always interesting to see what health benefits being ‘at one with nature’ continues to uncover. One thing’s for sure, it seems that working hard maintaining a healthy lawn and garden isn’t just a good way to get a bit of fresh air and burn a few calories.

One recent study suggest that simply being in the presence of of a pleasant natural scene has a rejunvenating effect on the brain, and that children who attend schools in rural settings perform better in exams than those from urban areas.

Could it be then that just by spending a few hours in the garden we sharpen up our minds without even trying? Sounds too good to be true!

None the less it turns out that in a controlled experiment  analysis of the brains of those who have been exposed to nature versus those that haven’t, nature has a clear positive effect on brain activity, that is that it inhibits certain patterns of brain activity associated with depression and other mental illness.

Another recent study suggests the health benefits of living and working within close proximity to plant life, in particular trees. In this instance the explanation seems to be more to do with the natural air purifying ability of trees, important particularly in urban areas where pollution is rife. This has had some startling results, with one trend suggesting an increase in personal success and overall quality of life in neighbourhoods with a denser tree population

Just two examples of how plant life can improve health and quality of life! Take a look here for more details on what we’ve touched on in this article.



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