June Gardening Tasks

Now that the heat wave has subsided and the mid summer season will soon be upon us, the next couple of weeks are the perfect opportunity to get out in the garden to do a few traditional June gardening jobs.

By now borders and pots will be at the peak of their beauty if you’ve already done your planting, but there might still be an opportunity to squeeze a bit more colour into your garden yet.


Despite your best watering efforts you’ll probably have a fair bit of dead heading to do at this point, it’s a not a particularly fun task, but it’s necessary to ensure that perennials in particular continue to flower. The theory is that by removing the dead heads you remove the plant’s ability to drop seeds and pack up for the year, instead forcing it to flower again. Flowers such as Geraniums that flower early, usually in the spring time, can be cut right back at this point and still flourish again.

If you’re planning to plant from seed, you might just be able to have some success with that if you start now, after all you’ll have sunlight on your side, you just have to make sure you stay on top of watering.

Watering is of course vital at this time of year, and when the sun is really beating down like it has been recently it’d difficult to over water perennials. Before doing any new planting, ensure the ground is well watered before putting the plant in place.

Shrubs and Hedges

If you’re into topiary then early June is the best time to trim and sculpt hedging the traditional way, but for everyone else the task of keeping hedges trimmed and tidy is an ongoing process. You’ll probably find your hedge is particularly unwieldy at this point if you haven’t already got the hedge trimmer out!

The Lawn

The secret to any good lawn is of course putting in time and effort, and at this time of year there are plenty examples out there to take inspiration from. Visit any National Trust property or castle garden and you’ll see what’s possible when you put the hours in. With daily cutting the grass grows thick, and the weeds are nowhere to be seen, and the result is truly exquisite.

Of course aiming to cut the lawn every day isn’t a realistic goal for most people, there are usually too many other things going on, but even if you can make the jump from once to twice a week you’ll notice a big difference. If nothing else you’ll find you have less weeding to do!


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