Lawn Diseases

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Toadstools: If you see too many of these cropping up on your lawn you could have problems

Even the toughest grass species are vulnerable to disease, and even the most attentive gardeners can find their lawns falling victim to fungus and other parasites. In fact being too attentive can even be detrimental, for example applying too many nutrients can upset the ecology of the soil and actually create conditions favorable to an attack.

The reason why just about any patch of grass is susceptible to disease is that the fungus and other nasties that cause problems are actually present in the soil at all times, it’s only when the conditions are altered that it opens the flood gates to allow the fungus to move in and really make its presence known. As mentioned this can be because of too many nutrients, but it can also be due a lack of nutrients, soil pH, and a climate unsuitable for the grass species.

Below we’ve listed some of the most common diseases. Please click the links for more information on each disease, and how best to prevent and treat them.


Occuring in late spring and early summer, Anthracnose weakens your grass, turning it off colour and later rotting it completely…Read more

Dry Patch Disease

Dry spells are never great news for lawns, but simply dowsing your lawn with water may not be enough to fix this condition…Read more

Fairy Rings

Don’t be fooled by the name, at their worst Fairy Rings will require you to butcher and dig up your lawn if you want to see the back of them…Read more

Fusarium Patch

The curse of mild winters, this disease is one of the most damaging and common lawn diseases in the UK, and if you get too trigger happy with the fertiliser and you risk falling victim to it…Read more

Red Thread

Though not as severe as other lawn diseases, Red thread will still make you see red, quite literally…Read more

Slime Mould

More of a nuisance than anything else, this minor ailment is quickly remedied if it becomes a problem…Read more

Take All Patch

A nasty disease that thankfully isn’t all that common, though failing to keep your lawn in good shape could still single out your lawn for dose of this nasty condition…Read more

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