Lawn Edging Tips

If you’ve slaved over getting the rest of your lawn in great shape it would be a real shame to leave the edges looking ragged and messy. If you’re not sure what techniques to use to achieve a clean and professional looking finish to your edges then we might be able to help.

How to achieve great looking edges

In spring when the weather is fine but not too hot, it’s a good time to achieve straight and smooth edges to your borders by using a half moon edging tool. To achieve dead straight lines it’s useful to use a straight edge like a plank of wood, or a string line tied between two points as a guide, and for curves try laying a length of rope or other flexible material on the ground to whatever shape you require. If you want to use the opportunity to really mix things up, you could also introduce a stone or wooden border to really ‘frame’ the lawn once you’ve got the straight edges. This will also help you out in subsequent years, as the objects you choose should keep the lawn better contained, with less chance of it deforming into a more wild shape once again.

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Cutting the edge of the lawn

Once you’ve mowed the main bulk of the lawn, give attention to the edges. If you have a mower such as those found in Bosch’s Rotak range, take advantage of the ‘grass combs’ that make this job easier using a mower. Alternatively you could use a strimmer, or if you’re feeling fit you can also use some edging shears, these have the advantage of you having complete control over how much or how little grass you choose to remove.

If your lawn has encroached right onto the surface of patios and paths it’s easiest to just cut away the whole piece of offending turf with a half moon edging tool or a knife. If the grass is simply overgrown and overhanging the path then again a strimmer or shears will do the job.

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The quick solution…

If you’d prefer not to have to spend time on maintaining your lawn edges the most hands free option of all is to use spiked metal sheeting around the lawn perimeter. This will prevent the grass from growing wherever you choose to place it, but obviously the downside is the negative impact that this will have on your garden visually.

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