Leaf Scoops – Are They Any Good?

Leaves, they’re a problem whichever way you look at them come Autumn. They look great on the ground for a few days, but you know they have to be dealt with one way or another eventually. The usual tools for the job are either the bog standard rake, or the far more entertaining leaf blower/vac.

You might find a rake or blower is great at piling up leaves ready for collection, but you’re still left with the problem of transferring them into a container or bag ready to be moved or disposed of. More often than not this means getting onto your hands and knees and transferring handfuls from the ground to the container/bag.

Not a terribly efficient process, especially if you’ve just used your all singing all dancing leaf blower a moment beforehand.

Well to help this stage of the leaf disposal process along there is a handy tool you can use to speed things up a bit.

Leaf scoops are quite simply a pair of plastic scoops that act like an extension to your hands, enabling you to grab much larger handfuls of leaves at a time. It’s a dead simple idea, but it’s one that can save you a lot of time, especially when your garden is quite literally swamped with leaves.

The Best Leaf Scoops

There are a whole range of different leaf scoops on the market as you can probably imagine. There’s not an awful lot to choose between them, but we would suggest the main things to look out for are that they:

a) have a comfortable handle, after all you might be using them for some time, so you want to make sure you’ll be comfortable and no part of the scoop digs into your hands or wrists

b) they feature a decent perforated edge to get a good grip on the leaves at the bottom of each scoop so that you don’t leave leaves behind with each scoop you make

To this end our best suggestion would be these Gardenhome leaf scoops. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they also feature a decent raked edge, and the glove like handle doesn’t pose the same problem of your wrist getting cut into by the back of the scoop unlike some other types.


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