Making Use of Your Decking in Autumn

The deck your love in your yard is for all year round, not just for summer. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to miss out on spending time on your deck simply because the summer sun isn’t shining anymore. Having a deck makes your home all the more inviting and comfortable. Having a decorative deck is even better!

Decking 2 LMW
To keep your deck looking well maintained and looked after all year round, consider getting ‘deckorative’ this autumn with these top DIY tips.

  • Install post caps on the deck railing to make it look more dressed and fancy. Post caps can come in wood or metal designs, or even stained glass for extra effect.
  • Create some privacy and positive aesthetics with lattice. Whether you want plastic or wooden lattice, this will add character and charm to your deck as well as shielding off areas from unwanted animal guests.
  • Add some lights around your deck so that you can still enjoy the outdoors even when the sun sets earlier in the autumn. There are many deck lighting systems that can clip onto deck railings which make for easy instalment.
  • Landscape your deck a bit by adding some plants and vegetables. A planter box can also be turned into additional seating by adding a removable lid.
  • Add some warmth with an outdoor heater or heater lights to install around the deck. This will make spending fall evenings outdoors much more cosy and comfortable.
  • Redecorate your deck with some great summer furniture that will be going on sale at the end of season. There is no better time to reconsider your decking design than when the prices are low.
  • Have some spare blankets and rugs to keep outside to use while you are sitting in a chair on the deck watching the October sun set.

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