October Gardening Guide

The scorching sun still touches the soil before leaving the sky to make way to for chilly nights that leave behind little drops of dew in the morning. That’s right; it’s October and the season of autumn is well and truly here. This is the best month of the autumn season to get in the garden and take care of all those chores that need to be done before winter arrives and brings the cold snap with it. Outlined below are some top tips on how to make the most of fall to prepare for garden for winter.

  • Give the ground some strong fertilizer to keep it strong and healthy for the cold.
  • Plan ahead and plant cool season grass such as rye grass early on in the season so it is ready before the cold sets in.
  • Make sure you mow the autumn leaves rather than raking them, as the mowed lawn matter will enrich the soil and feed plant roots and the worms deep within the lawn.
  • Use excess leaves to make a rich compost pile.

Another element of garden care that you need to pay attention to in October is caring for your garden tools. These can be just as susceptible to the weather as your plants and seeds. Some preventative measures to take to keep your gardening equipment in top condition include the following:

  • Clean all tools thoroughly, making sure you wash off dirt that’s caked on. Coat the metal parts to prevent rusting and oil wooden handles so they don’t dry out.
  • With power equipment, drain petrol from the engines to prevent them clogging up. Loosen the spark plug and check air filters to ensure they are clean.
  • Reorganise the garden shed and put things away properly – this will save a lot of effort come the spring time when you want to find the right piece of equipment.

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