Plants You Never Knew Were Edible

In Your Lawn And Garden!

You might be the type of person who doesn’t go in for growing your own fruit and vegetables; perhaps you’re more interested in stimulating your other senses as a reward for your gardening efforts.

Fair enough.

But what if I told you your garden was already full of tasty morsels that are ripe for the picking? Oh yeah, and need I remind you that because they’re already there, they’re free!

Well this just might be the case, ranging from the so-obvious-I-don’t-know-why-I-didn’t-realise-that-before, to the down right bizarre; your garden is potentially littered with food.

Let’s take a look at some of the most likely suspects:


Yes, the name doesn’t lie, this is a weed, but it’s a weed that tastes good, and is also healthy and full of essential minerals.

You’ll find it almost anywhere from lawns to unkempt meadows; look for the characteristic small white flowers and stems that feature a white line of hair weaving along them.

Chickweed is extremely versatile; you can eat both the stem and the flower, either hot or cold. Use it in salads, sandwiches, or soups as an alternative to spinach.


We all now how common these blighters are, and how (literally) irritating they can be! What you may not have known is that they are also edible, but before you go stuffing a raw handful in your mouth, we should add that this is only when cooked.

Most precisely nettles make a great base for a soup or stew. You’ll get the best results if you select younger less developed plants, and cook the roots, stem, and leaves.

Lambs Quarters

It might sound like a cut of meet, but this is actually another commonly found edible weed. Found on lawns, roadside verges and other grassy areas, this plant is characterised by white dusty looking leaves, and a taste similar to spinach.

Best eaten once cooked, you should limit your intake of this stuff in its raw state, but again it can be used in soups, salads or as a substitute for spinach in pasta dishes. On the preparation side this stuff is a doddle if you’re not fussy as you can eat the entire plant if you wish to!

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