Do It Yourself Vs Professional Lawn Care

As proud home owners we perform several lawn care activities, without giving the activities much thought. Think of mowing the lawn as an example of a lawn care task we perform that only requires the setting of cutting height and remaining alert for objects on the lawn.

Most lawn care tasks involve more expertise than simply pulling a lawnmower cord.

The debate whether you should perform lawn care tasks or hire a professional to do it boils down to a few questions you have to ask yourself.

Is a Hiring a Professional Cost Prohibitive?

Yes, hiring lawn care professional costs you money, especially for complex jobs that require knowledge of lawn science principles. Moreover, you might save money by performing one or more lawn care tasks, but what happens if you create more lawn problems than you fix? The answer is spending much more money fixing the problems that hiring a lawn care professional would have been in the first place. This principle also applies if you cut cost corners by hiring the kid next door to thatch or contacting a lawn care company that offers cheap services that aren’t up to scratch.

Do You Know How to Apply Professional Strength Products?

This is a huge (maybe even the biggest) factor in making the decision whether to contact a lawn care professional. Many lawn care products contain powerful chemicals that when misused, can turn a healthy lawn into a section of the Sahara desert. You also have to understand the exact percentage of nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. Different types of grass benefit from different types of fertilisers that contain varied percentages of potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. Unless you spend the time studying to complete a certificate of competence, you’ll be better off reaching out to a lawn care professional to handle professional strength lawn care products with a professional level of competance.

How Much Do You Know?

As we mentioned, lawn care involves the application of myriad scientific principles, from the nutrient composition of fertilisers to the edging of a lawn to promote grass growth near driveways and pathways. When it comes to more advanced scenarios like these you have to be honest with yourself and make an accurate self-assessment of what you know about lawn care.

Ask these questions:

Do you know how to handle the lawn care tools you need to use?

Do you have experience performing complex lawn care projects?

Do you understand all the scientific principles that create a healthy lawn?

Do you have the time and patience to see through extended lawn care projects?



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