Want a Garden But Haven’t Got The Room? Try Making an Indoor Terrarium


A terrarium is usually defined as an enclosure whereby extremely small animals, usually reptiles, can be put on display often alongside plants such that they appear to be in their natural habitat.  However, you can build a terrarium without animals as well. This can be done if you get a glass container that is enclosed partially then use it to display your plants. This arrangement is especially good for plants that require very high humidity given the natural greenhouse effect that a glass container has.  The process that it takes for one to be able to build or come up with their own terrarium is usually well below an hour, and this is especially the case if you have some of the equipment and tools required to construct one already, as you probably will.

The items that you are required to have before you start building the terrarium include: a piece of glass container which is very clear or transparent and also it should be partially enclosed (if you don’t have the materials to construct one then there are many commercially available examples), either small stones, pieces of gravel or even small rocks to line the bottom of the container, and ideally some activated charcoal. You should also have prepared the plants that you are intending to display and a potting mix which is sterile. When selecting your glass container, you should have the type of plants in mind so as to go with the most suitable container for your plants, so fro instance if you’re planning to display plants such as moss or maybe fern, then you’ll need to get a container that has a closed top. You can only get a container that has an open top if you are planning to display plants that fall into the succulents’ family.

After getting your container ready, you’ll next need to add the pieces of stone, rock or gravel up to the bottom part of your terrarium. This will act as drainage material, able to make sure that excessive water is kept away from your plants’ roots, and ultimately to stop the plants from drowning. Next, add a spoonful of the charcoal on top of those stones, this keeps off any foul smell from developing within the container and spreading into your home. You can now add as much soil as the plants require, but of course make sure you leave space for the plant to show itself – there’s not much point in having a terrarium  if no one can see what’s inside! When all this is done, get your plants and dig them in delicately either using a spoon or your hand, then fix them in delicately by packing the soil around the base and water them using spray bottle. Ensure the water sips into the soil well but don’t put too much water in either for the reasons mentioned above.


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