A Guide to Using Hammer Drills

The drill has become an essential part in every DIY tool kit, and out of all the power tools, it is the most versatile and popular. Before you invest a new drill think about whether you want one with hammer action. As well as the rotational movement you’d expect, the drill bit on this type of drill is vibrated and shunted forward rapidly as it turns after switching to hammer mode. This is ideal for those times you need your drilling to be more aggressive, when drilling into brick or stone for example.

What A Hammer Drill Is NOT

Many people confuse hammer drills with impact drivers. Like a hammer drill, to increase rotational drive a moderate impact action is used in an impact driver, however keep in mind that you cannot drive screws using a hammer drill, so you shouldn’t even try. The impact drill on the other hand, does nothing in the context of drilling and excels only at driving nuts, lags and screws. For drilling of any kind, you shouldn’t use an impact driver. Use them only for driving bolts, screws, nuts and nags.

Types of Hammer Drills

There are many multipurpose hammer drills available, both cordless and corded.

Corded Drill with Hammer Option

Corded hammer drills are the conventional option and prove especially useful if you don’t have a steady electrical source and want to forgo the hassle of replacing or charging the battery from time to time. The advantages of corded drills are worth considering despite the fact that cordless is the first choice for most contractors.

Only a corded drill can do the job anytime someone needs guaranteed power. On most building sites the availability of electrical supply is seldom an issue. Even if you do have a battery drill it’s nice to have a backup since uncharged batteries have a way of accumulating over time!

Dedicated Hammer Drill

A rotary hammer or a dedicated hammer drill is ideal for situations where masonry drilling is required. Since this grade of hammer drill tends to be on the pricey side, it is better to rent rather than buy for the occasional user.

Cordless Drill with Hammer Option

When you do not have electricity nearby, cordless hammer drills come handy. They are the way to go if you only have a few holes to drill. Modern cordless drills offer almost as much power as corded drills, it’s simply a question of ensuring the battery is charged and ready when you need it to be.

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