Bosch 0600849K00 Cordless Hedgecutter Review

Note: This product supersedes the Bosch 0600849F02 cordless hedgecutter.

Eighteen volts might not seem like enough juice to cut through thick hedges, but Bosch has dramatically changed the hedge trimmer design game by incorporating its proprietary Quick Cut technology. The Bosch 0600849K00 18 Volt Hedgecutter uses Quick Cut technology to slice through twigs and branches quickly. You never see branches dangling from the base of a hedge, after you run this hedge trimmer through the thickest part. The anti-blocking system prevents the hedge trimmer from jamming. Jammed hedge trimmers not only increase the amount of time it takes to complete a hedge trimming job, they also can break down and cost you money to fix.

Hedge trimmers can place a lot of pressure on your arms, back, and shoulders. However, the Bosch 0600849K00 18 Volt Hedgecutter reduces the amount of stress placed on your body. Bosch has designed the hedge trimmer to offer ergonomic handling. The lack of vibrations and lightweight design leave you feeling like you haven’t even turned the hedge trimmer on. Blade speed for this hedge trimmer exceeds the average blade speed found in other hedge trimmers. The high blade speed of the hedge trimmer gives you plenty of time to tackle other lawn care jobs. Bosch has added a blade guard to prevent your hands from slipping into the sharp blades.

The cordless Bosch 0600849K00 18 Volt Hedgecutter doesn’t include a battery, which irks some users. However, Bosch offers the battery at an affordable price, which you can order online for convenience. Some users mention the hedge trimmer dents easily. You eliminate this problem by moving the hedge trimmer at a slight cutting angle to shoot debris away from the machine.


  • Anti-blocking system keeps the hedge trimmer humming
  • Quick Cut technology slices through the thickest hedge branches quickly
  • Ergonomic design reduces stress put on arms, back, and shoulders
  • Fast blade speed ensures no branches left hanging
  • Blade guard protects hands from deep cuts
  • Low vibrations


  • Battery not included
  • Susceptible to dents


By incorporating Quick Cut technology into this hedge trimmer, Bosch ensures you get every volt of energy out of the 18-volt machine. Enjoy flawless slicing through thick hedge branches and never have to go back to finish a few branches off. Fast blade speed reduces the amount of time you spend on hedge trimming projects. Ergonomic design elements place little pressure on your body. Yes, you have to order the battery separately, but that’s a small price to pay for owning one of the best hedge trimmers available.

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