Bosch AHS 50-20 LI Cordless Hedgecutter Review

With battery-powered ‘anything’ things are often controversial. On the one hand you know that the technology is greener, less messy and easier to work with than petrol power, whilst at the same time providing the same freedom of movement. On the other hand batteries are seen as expensive, unreliable and too quick to discharge, rendering them next to useless. Things get even more difficult with hand-held appliances such as hedge trimmers because the batteries need to be that much smaller and lighter to be practical.

It’s understandable that people continue to be weary of battery power.

Let us assure you then that the AHS 50-20 is probably one of the best examples you’re likely to find of a battery-powered hedge trimmer that actually delivers on all those forgotten promises. How does 75 minutes of run time sound? Pretty good right? Well that’s what you get with this, plus much more.

Bosch know their stuff anyway, old news, we know this. But this trimmer is the perfect embodiment of their experience, thanks to some clever features that, as ever, have been developed firmly with the user in mind. First of all this trimmer makes use of Bosch’s ‘Syneon Chip’ technology. This clever bit of electronics means the trimmer kicks out just the right amount of power for whatever it’s being tasked with at any given moment. Aside from being impressive, the upshot of this is that the trimmer only ever works as hard as it needs too, meaning longer running time, and maximum efficiency. The ingenuity doesn’t stop there however, should you find yourself tackling a really stubborn branch, there’s no risk of stalling, instead the trimmer steps up its game and works extra hard to chomp through the offending branch.

With a 48cm cutting blade, this trimmer competes with petrol models any day of the week, but at only 3.8kg in weight it’s far easier on the arms.


  • Lightweight at only 3.8kg in weight, despite being laden with a battery
  • Innovative electronics systems to maximise efficiency
  • Lithium ion battery technology to deliver 50% longer running time than the previous model, plus the battery only takes 90 minutes to charge


  • Blade cover is rather flimsy


You’ll notice that much like our other Bosch cordless hedge trimmer reviews, we’ve struggled to say a bad word about this trimmer, but that’s because it’s a genuinely trustworthy piece of kit that does what it say on the tin. If you’ve got a medium-sized garden, and you know that an hour or so is long enough to get your hedges trimmed, then this is the ideal machine for the job. There are no wires or petrol to worry about, and if on the off-chance you were to have any issues at all, it would probably be with the battery, which can be replaced if absolutely necessary.

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Bosch AHS 50-20 LI Cordless Lithium Ion Hedgecutter
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