Bosch AKE 40-19 S Chainsaw Review

The Bosch AKE 40-19 S Chainsaw is a perfectly balanced, high-quality electric chainsaw that’s driven by a powerful 1900 Watt motor, making it one of the best small chainsaws you can buy. It makes for a very handy machine to have for any DIY lover or gardener who regularly cuts down branches and cuts up logs for firewood. It has an intricate design with superior features that are designed to ensure that the chainsaw serves its purpose for many years. For accurate and fast cutting, this electric chainsaw that has 40 cm cutting bar and a sharp monochrome coated chain that moves at a speed of 12 m/sec, all making it almost unrivalled in it’s cutting ability.

An automatic oiling system complete with an indicator makes sure that the machine is always lubricated to reduce downtime. Like all Bosch chainsaws, this is fitted with an SDS system, (or ‘tool free’ adjustment to you and me!) that enables smooth and accurate assembly and chain tensioning. The machine offers great balance and facilitates easy and comfortable use at any angle. Let’s be clear about this: wood is cut evenly, quickly, and neatly with this machine.
To maximize safety the AKE 40-19 S stops 30 percent ahead of time compared to most chainsaws in that the kick-back brake reacts in less than 0.1 seconds. An audible signal is also produced by this machine to warn the user, so all in all it’s about as safe an experience as you could hope for in a chainsaw. As is standard with most chainsaws it also has a run-down brake for normal use.

This chainsaw features huge steel gripping teeth that enable great leverage, precise cutting, and minimal kickback. It’s also light in weight, weighing in at only 4.5 kg, typical for an electric chainsaw, but making it easy to carry and use.


• Light in weight
• Superior cutting system
• Extremely safe to operate thanks to superior chain brake system
• Tool-less Chain Assembly and Tensioning
• Requires little maintenance
• Easy start-up process
• Offers great control and balance to the user


• The plastic tightening cover is likely to get damaged, broken in no time
• Being electric means that this has some limitations with regards to mobility


The performance of the Bosch AKE 40-19 S is steady and each cut is precise and neat making it a remarkable gardening tool that can be used as frequently as is needed. This electric model requires minimal maintenance and is very powerful to ensure that all cutting work is done right, first time, every time. It really is a simple case of plug in and go with this chainsaw, it’ll be a pleasure to use and should allay any fears you might have about using a chainsaw, because let’s face it they can be quite scary and intimidating pieces of equipment.

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