Bosch ALB 36 Cordless Leaf Blower Review

The Bosch ALB 36 LI is a heavy-duty leaf blower, capable of taking on more challenging leaf tidying tasks than less powerful models. Its main strengths are power, user-friendly controls, and of course the all important cordless functionality. Furthermore, the battery is interchangeable with other Bosch tools, so if you have a Bosch cordless lawn mower for example, you can make a saving by simply buying this blower as a standalone tool, and swap your existing battery between it and your mower as and when you need to.

Boasting 250km/h of blowing power this blower is pretty windy! It’s capable of clearing large, open areas within a few just a minutes, but the real beauty of this model comes from your ability to change its speed depending on what you’re doing. More often than not you just need to clear everything in your path, at which point you can continue on full power. However, when it comes to clearing the areas around flowers and other delicate items this can be as bit more of a challenge, if you’re not careful you can end up obliterating parts of your garden rather than tidying them. With the simple flick of a switch this is no longer a problem, and you can continue working at the lower power setting as required.

Being cordless this product allows you to get right to the bottom of your garden without the need for an extension cable, or any cable for that matter! It has a battery life of nearly an hour, by which time most jobs should be completed, and this is all thanks to the Lithium-ion battery, which is fast becoming the standard across the board for all types of consumer products.

The only downside is the price. It’s quite a hefty sum, but given the above – it’s a great investment, and like we say, you might be able to make a saving if you’re already a Bosch cordless tool user.


  • Ability to switch between output speeds, pefect for all out blowing tasks and more precise work alike.
  • Long lasting battery life of nearly an hour
  • Cordless, meaning you can be more mobile around the garden
  • Lightweight – at just 1.6kg this should prove comfortable for most people to use, plus because it’s designed for single handed use, you can easily swap the blower between your hands if you get tired.


  • Price – There are cheaper models out there, but their quality remains to be seen next to the Bosch ALB 36
  • Battery cost in particular is high. For the battery and charger alone you’re looking at £100 or more


Overall, a great tool that you’ll find yourself using for a long time. It can’t be stressed enough how useful it is not being held back by a power cord, to be honest it’s imperative in all but the smallest of gardens. At the same time an hour is likely to be more than enough to clear the whole area unless you have an unusually large garden. If you are willing to spend that little bit extra, this is definitely the best cordless leaf blower on the market.

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