Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum Review

After a steady rain, your lawn turns from grass to leaf covered. The worst part is trying to remove the wet leaves by using a rake. The leaves stick to the rake prongs, which requires you to hand remove the leaves. This takes way too much time, which the Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower and Vacuum rectifies by including multiple blowing speeds. You use the leaf blower for light air sweeping to generating super powerful gusts that quickly push wet leaves into a pile. The 2,500-watt motor delivers a powerful performance that makes typically lengthy leaf blowing jobs seem like child’s play. With an electric motor, you never have to worry about excessive noise.

The shredding ratio of 10 to 1 crushes more leaves for your compost pile. Two settings set the leaf blower apart from the competition. Not only do you operate in leaf blower mode, you have the option to switch over to garden vacuum mode to handle all of your garden cleaning needs. The easy to use collection bag detaches from the machine, without you having to exert much pressure. Compact and lightweight, the ALS 2500 offers an ergonomically friendly way to remove leaves from your yard. Unlike many other leaf blowers, you don’t have to bend your back or jerk your shoulders to collect leaves.

The Bosch ALS 2500 presents one serious flaw: the electrical cable is plastic, not rubber. If you create kinks in the plastic cable, the kinks remain in the plastic cable until you take the machine in for extensive maintenance. Plastic also stiffens in cold weather, which makes the leaf blower mostly ineffective after the first frost. Some users mention the difficulty of switching between the two operating modes.


·        Leaf Blower and Vacuum Modes provide versatility

·        Shredding ratio of 10 to 1 crushes leaves for mulch piles

·        Electric motor produces little, if any noise

·        Motor generates 2,500 watts of power

·        Perfect leaf blower for picking up damp leaves

·        Easy to detach collection bag


·        Plastic electrical cable precludes use of the machine during cold weather

·        Might have difficulty switching between the two operating modes


The one major flaw of the leaf blower can be a deal breaker for users that live in colder climates. After all, not all of the leaves fall to the ground before the onset of winter. However, if you live in a warmer climate, this leaf blower is for you. Two operating modes set the leaf blower apart from the designs of other leaf blowers on the market.

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