Bosch ASB 10.8 Cordless Li-Ion Hedge Shear Review

The Bosch ASB 10.8 Cordless  Hedge Shear: The pefect tool for all your small scale hedge and shrub cutting needs. This hedge shear will completely shape your hedges and shrubs exactly the way you want them, and if you want something that’s light but also compact and sturdy enough to last for a long time, it’ll do that too!

Features of the Bosch ASB 10.8 Cordless Li-Ion Hedge Shear

• The built-in Lithium-Ion battery comes with a separate charger and does not suffer from self-discharge or ‘memory’ loss unlike older types of rechargeable battery
• As well being easy and quick to charge, the ASB 10.8 also has a four-stage LED battery indicator to show you how much life is left in the battery. That way, you’ll always stay one step ahead of knowing whwn it’s time to charge
• The precision ground blades are designed to cut at any angle. This flexibility is good if you are out to shape perfectly shape your hedges, working from all directions to get just the look you’re after
• With a three-hour charging time, you’ll get 100 minutes of run time without distraction or energy/power failure. So decide to get trimming just before lunch and you can be cracking on with it by early afternoon, no problem.
• The strong Swiss made blade and the anti-blocking system help to prevent stalling


• This is a lightweight one handed device and thus requires very little effort to operate.
• The batteries have a long life, lasting longer than the operator some have said (though we think that’s a morbid statement!)
• It saves a lot of time since it is pretty fast and efficient
• The vibration from the reciprocating knife is hardly noticeable
• Given that it is cordless, you have the freedom to move to any part of your garden with it
• The technology used is such that if thick twigs and hedges are detected, the micro electronics in place will detect this malfunction and instantly adjust the direction of the blades – neat stuff eh?


• It doesn’t work too well with thick hedges. So, be careful not to overstretch it beyond what it has been built to handle. Remember this is for light work, and not a substitute for larger hedge trimmers


Bosch ASB 10.8 Cordless Li-Ion Hedge Shear will cut through fairly substantial foliage with surprising ease while removing thicker twigs than one would expect. It is a fantastic tool for those little trimming jobs, one of the best small cordless shears on the market. If you don’t believe us, take the plunge and try it out yourself.

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