Bosch PSB 1800 Combi Drill Review

Like many other drills on the market this model from Bosch boasts the freedom of being cordless thanks to its on board battery pack. In addition, it has a few other innovative features that make it stand out from other battery drills in the market, especially those of a comparable price.

First off the keyless chuck makes changing drill bits rapid and hassle free when working on wooden, concrete and masonry surfaces, which all require you to drill holes of different sizes. And of course, its cordless nature ensures you can easily move around as you drill.

In terms of comfort the ergonomic handles make this drill ideal for a both an amateur or professional context. The soft grip ensures you maintain precision and comfort when handling the drill, thus enabling you to produce high quality work wherever you’re working, whether the surface is as tough as concrete or easy to work as soft wood.

The impact drilling setting ensures you have fine control over how the drilling force is applied. This feature, in combination with the speed control gives you about as much flexibility and choice over your drilling activity as you could hope for. Granted it can’t compete with a corded hammer drill, but then no cordless combi can ever compete with the sheer brute force of a mains drill.

The lithium ion battery is long-lasting since it is properly protected against both overload and overheating, which makes it safe for you to use without any fear of it sparking or getting hot. It takes 60 minutes to charge this battery, which whilst not the quickest on the market, is still short enough for you to get going on a project without too much down time.

This drill also has a work light thus you’ll have no worries about working in a poorly lit environment. This helps you aim better when positioning the drill bit, which is particularly important for when you want to drill into a surface with great precision.

With the LED battery level indicator just in front of the battery pack, you’ll always be aware of how much energy you have during you drilling so you’re not caught off guard, and can plan your work load accordingly.

The Syneon chip technology in the drill saves both power and time. This triumphant innovation means that you only just enough energy for the task, with not a scrap of power wasted. Another handy energy saving feature is this drill is that it can be used as a manual screwdriver, perfect for nipping up loose screws. When the power button isn’t pressed the chuck stays locked, so you can manually turn the drill – not a major major technological feat, but still worth having as a freebie!


  • Short charging time
  • Compact and sturdy design – and will last a long time
  • Light, at just 3kg
  • It comes with a carry case spacious for bits, wall plugs and screws


  • Despite having desirable features for the most part, there is a flaw in the design of the battery because the cells lack protection, sometimes leading to damage and other faults, something that has raised concern among some users.
  • Not being a top of the range model there are a few areas where the quality of the design and manufacture lacks just a a little bit. Most notably there is a little bit of wobble in the chuck, owing to the precision of the machined parts involved, however for most average DIYers this is problem of negligible concern.
  • Only a minor niggle, but there’s no clip or recess on the drill to store the double ended screwdriver drill bit, which is always useful to have.


If you are looking for a drill that saves power , whilst at the same time being a great all rounder, then the Bosch PSB 1800 is a great choice. With its appealing, innovative features, you are assured quality that lasts and delivers each and every time you take it out of the . However, make sure you are careful with the batteries.

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