Milwaukee M18CPD-402C Combi Drill Review

When it comes to powerful drills that are made to outperform others in almost every application, Milwaukee are probably the undisputed kings in the field. So if you need a drill that’s durable and offers the kind of unbridled power that leaves others scurrying off back to the drawing board, the Milwaukee M18CPD-402C is almost certainly the way to go.

Fitted with a motor that lasts longer than most because it’s brushless, you can hit the hard drilling jobs without fear of burning out the motor. Further to this there is an overload protection feature to ensure there is no burnout. If durability is at the top of your priority list when you’re looking to buy new tools, this drill gives you more than that. In simple terms, it’s built to last and has enough power to continually get the job done on a daily basis, hour after hour.

This drill is a real luxury for non professionals and an absolute godsend to those professionals who work with power tools every day because all that versatility and quality is coupled with a light weight design and ergonomic hand grip that just about anyone will be  comfortable with. The red lithium compact battery pack ensures a constant and long lasting power supply, which easily makes it the strongest drill in its category. You can guarantee that there will be minimal downtime when you use this drill, and even as you do consume the battery’s charge you can keep a close eye on how much is left thanks to the built in battery level monitor.


  • Cordless and hence usability is not restricted as there is no cord length to worry about
  • It is a lightweight versatile drill with brushless motor that can last 10 times longer than its brushed counterparts, not to mention being up to 25% more powerful
  • Red Lithium Ion battery pack is the latest and most superior battery technology available, providing up to 50% longer running time than a competitor lithium ion battery
  • Durability is given prominence, perhaps in part because this drill is targeted at professionals who tackle heavy-duty jobs every day.


  • The led light is irritating because there is no switch to put it off.
  • Its virtually new, riding on a new brushless motor technology for drills. Thus, there aren’t many user testimonials to clarify just how good it really performs.


Professionally, the opinion is that this drill is ideal for working on a construction site partly because it can take  all kinds of abuse without breaking and partly because of its exceptional battery life. It is true that sometimes the chuck-retaining bolt breaks, but more often than not, it’s just a freak accident, so we’re not too concerned about it. When all’s said and done, should you buy the Milwaukee M18CPD-402C for your home use, it will probably outlive you, so you can’t really go wrong!

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