Terratek FUT18V01 Combi Drill Review

The Terratek FUT18V01  cordless drill boasts many features to benefit a professional handyman, or for a homeowner who just loves to handle repair tasks and DIY.  In that regard, it has received more positive feedback from users than the majority of other models, which is a real positive. With 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of power tools, Terratek are a force to be reckoned with, and this drill in particular is a great investment thanks to its many wonderful features that not only make drilling work easier, but importantly more comfortable as well.

It has a 16-position torque selector that allows you to set the drill at either powerful or delicate drilling and controlled screw driving.

The forward and reverse switching enable you to adjust the Terratek in whatever direction you are working towards. You do not have to change your standing position just because you are drilling in reverse. This reverse system is made better by the variable speed control thus you are able to achieve the smoothness that you need and it also saves you time if you are in a hurry.

The slim design is a characteristic that makes the Terratek particularly attractive, especially these days in a world where consumers like you and I demand ever more sleek, yet increasingly efficient products. It is neither heavy nor compact, and the soft grip makes it more comfortable to use thus you are assured of better grip and control when working.

The quick change battery pack is an ideal feature that ensures this drill is user friendly. Additionally, the LED light ensures visibility when working in dimly lit places such as corners of a cupboard.

This drill also comes with a spirit level. This makes horizontal work easier and ensures perfection in having uniform drilling. Besides, the Terratek model is capable of working on the toughest wood, metal and many more surfaces.

The cordless nature of the drill makes you mobile thus you are not inconvenienced when working on surfaces that require you to move around. The keyless chuck means your drilling does not stop just because you do not have a key.


  • Versatility for DIY and professionals
  • It is quick due to the variable speed control
  • Flexibility of the user’s movement

The Terratek FUT18V01 is a model that is good for beginners who engage in light duty drilling. With the positive feedback that users have left for this power tool, it could be the best for you. It has features that are distinct from its counterparts in the market. It is a powerful drill that meets both your simple needs at home such as in the kitchen and your professional level needs. Be careful not to trust the 130 drill sets it comes with as they may not be of high quality.

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Terratek FUT18V01 Combi Drill
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