Worx 20V Cordless Combi Drill Review

For the casual user Worx 20V Cordless drill is one of the best combi/hammer drills available, using it will give you the confidence you need to tackle drilling into stone, wood, or metal, as part of any project in your home or garden. Sold at a very affordable price, you’ll be happy you made the investment when you buy this this drill.

This drill is powered by a 20V Lithium battery, which once fully charged will retain its charge for more than one year when idle- impressive right? The battery is also universal, which is a great potential cost saver since you can use it with other Worx power tools. So, if you have other 20V Worx tools, this would be an ideal investment because you’ll be able to interchange its 20V Lithium battery with your other tools and vice versa, which again saves you money, not to mention storage space. With the battery’s ability to retain its charge for a long time, it means that more often that not you won’t need to worry about charging up before you use the drill.

Let’s face it, not all construction and maintenance work is carried out in well lit conditions, and this drill is sensitive to this fact, and its LED light enhances your sight when you’re working in the dark or poorly lit spaces.


  • Cordless and therefore the drill can be used anywhere
  • It comes with 5 years motor warranty, so you need not have any worries about testing its mettle
  • Variable speed function enables for adjustment as per your capability and preferences
  • Reverse function enables you to drill in either direction, and to easily withdraw from a material


  • Many users have raised complaint that their hands get very hot on the soft-grip handle when using the drill especially for long periods of time, so on that basis we would suggest this isn’t a tool for long and enduring tasks
  • Some users have also complained that it can only drill a limited number of holes before running out of power, presumably to a lesser extent than other leading models


As we’ve seen, the cordless Lithium 20V WORX drill is has many benefits as well as a few disadvantages. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty professional cordless drill up to the daily rigours of full time trade use, then it probably isn’t going to meet your expectations. For more occasional DIY use however, it’s up there with the best of them, and given that the batteries can be interchanged with other 20V Worx tools, your decision is made somewhat easier if you already have one or two of these in your toolbox.

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