Makita BUC122RFE Cordless Chainsaw Review

The Makita BUC122RFE, the smartest cordless chainsaw on the market from an undisputed world leading brand, Makita. Weighing only 2.5 kg this chainsaw is a comfortable chainsaw solution for carrying out any type of forestry and wood cutting tasks, both in typical and awkward working positions. The BUC122RFE runs on long lasting 18v lithium ion batteries that enable it to work through several hefty logs and thick branches on one charge.

This chainsaw is designed with the specific goal of competing against petrol models, not only that but it also sits uniquely among others in the cordless chainsaw fraternity thanks to a special feature that allows you to fit a 2 metre long extension pole should you need to reach high up branches that would otherwise be impossible to access. With no stressful pull cords and fuel tanks to deal with, the Makita BUC122RFE has an easy and speedy start-up process. There’s absolutely no need to remove the clutch casing since it has a tool-free chain tensioning mechanism that’s accessible from the outside – a big thumbs up! The automatic oiling system complete with oil indicator window ensures the saw operates in a reliable manner, and as long as you keep an eye on the oil level it will continue to do so without issue. This chainsaw also has an innovative hook feature on the end of the chain bar whose role is to allow the bar to connect and pivot about branches to facilitate an up stroke cut. A small innovation, but it’s the little things that very often make all the difference.

Makita are strong ambassadors for safety and this is clearly demonstrated by this saw’s outstanding safety features. For instance, there’s an electric brake and a dead man’s switch for enhanced safety, as well as a guard to protect your hands from debris that might otherwise harm you as you beaver away at those logs and branches.


  • Super quick charging process at just 22 minutes
  • Can be used in conjunction with a 2 metre extension pole (sold separately)
  • The hook guard facilitates safe upward cutting
  • Extremely light weight (2.5kg)
  • Long battery life
  • Easy, hassle free chain tensioning system
  • Quiet when in use
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • More costly than other brands, but if you’re familiar with Makita products, or you’ve read other Makita chainsaw reviews then you’ll know that their quality is almost unrivalled in every corner of the power tool industry


Makita are knowledgeable when it comes to the nuances of effectively cutting wood, and subsequently they understand what people look for when buying a chainsaw. With this understanding, they strive to  produce cutting edge chainsaws that not only reflect on their mission to satisfy the customer on paper, but also to deliver real world exemplary performance. No one comes close to Makita when it comes to making efficient and powerful chainsaws, and the Makita BUC122RFE is one of the best examples of cordless chainsaw technology in action that you’re likely to find.

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