Powerplus POWXG8015LI Cordless Chainsaw Review

These days there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different chainsaws on the market. Not only that but there are dozens upon dozens of brands to choose from too. Unless you’re an expert with intrinsic knowledge on the subject, you’ll often find yourself aimlessly staring blind at the many options available with no clear target in sight.

In short then, it can take time to thoroughly research a good chainsaw that will perform and fully meet your needs. As a strong all rounder that meets these needs, the Powerplus cordless battery chainsaw is there to save you time, money, and the ability to complete all your cutting tasks with a balanced powerful mix of efficiency and functionality.

The POWXG8015LI has none of the constraints of a traditional electric chainsaw, so this innovative tool gives you the opportunity to do all the cutting and sawing you need the freedom of movement you need to go along with it. This chainsaw is, like all the best chainsaws, fitted with a chain bar from Oregon, the leading manufacturer of chainsaw bars, and because said bar is 10-inchs long it enables you to make cuts with ease.

The tool free chain tensioning feature makes this model particularly easy to use and maintain. As a safety measure, this chainsaw features a low anti kick back and a hand guard brake that protects you in the event of a kickback.


• Quick and smooth tool free chain adjustment
• Automatic hand guard brake for safety
• Low anti-kickback feature
• 3-year domestic user warranty
• Great mobility during operation


It can be frustrating to work with a tool that does not give you the mobility to work as you’s like, but you can rest assured this model has your best interests at heart. Wherever you want to cut and in whatever position you want to cut it, the Powerplus POWXG8015LI gives you the ultimate freedom to do exactly that.

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Powerplus POWXG8015LI Cordless Chainsaw
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