Garden Gear Cordless Hedge Trimming Shears Review

How suitedis the Garden Gear Cordless Hedge Shear to your trimming requirements? Well, although this is a small trimming machine, for its size the performance on offer is magnificent. For one thing it’s designed as two tools in one; a trimmer for hedges and a trimmer for shaping lawn edges. The design is sturdy to help withstand rough trimming in hot and cold seasons, irrespective of how harsh the environment is. For people who love well-trimmed hedges and even lawn edges, it’s one of the best combination trimmers to go for.


  • The shear blade cuts grass up to a depth of 80mm and enables you to trim the edges of the lawn with a clean finish that you’d struggle to match with a lawn mower or strimmer
  • It comes with a trimming blade that cuts bushes, shrubs, and hedges with no issues at all. This is incredible considering the small size of the machine.
  • Two interchangeable blades that make it possible to trim both hedges and lawn edges.
  • Long handle and wheel can be used in conjunction with the tool, enabling you to make smooth cuts without needing to bend down
  • Lithium-ion battery helps you to work comfortably away from a power outlet. Also included are two blade guards and a charger to recharge the battery after use.


  • Being a cordless trimmer, you can comfortably trim hedges and lawn edges for about 40 minutes on a single charge
  • The machine comes with long warranty of 2 years so that you can use without worrying about it breaking. During this period you are entitled to free repairs in case of breakdown.
  • The optional handle and wheels add to the versatility and options for ways to use the tool
  • The trimmer is light, just 0.8 kg, which makes it easy to work with. You can work with it one handed for hours without fatigue.
  • Though the machine is small, it is sturdy  and powerful and creates smooth cuts on hedges and lawn edges.
  • Vibrations are minimized so that you can enjoy trimming your hedges and lawns edge without any vibration induced discomfort.


  • It is sold without the handle and wheel. Unfortunately these have to be purchased separately.


While there are of course many hedge trimmers available in the market, selecting the best model for your own individual needs is critical. Many people who have used this particular model express their satisfaction with its design and effectiveness. Therefore this is a safe bet, and buy purchasing this you know you’ll be getting something that has been tested and proven to be highly effective by many other satisfied customers before you.

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