Mantis Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears Review

When you set out to search for the perfect tool, the aim is to find something highly effective, easy to use, and durable. Such is the description that fits the Mantis Cordless Grass and Shrub Shear. It’s specially designed to make both hedge and grass trimming an enjoyable experience, crucially without harming your bank balance too much. Its lightweight package enables you to effortlessly make clean cuts on hedges and lawn edges for a smart and more appealing landscape.

Features of Mantis Cordless Grass and Shrub Shears

  • A light weight body of just 1.2kg that makes it easy to work with when trimming hedges or working on lawn edges, even with just one hand
  • 2 interchangeable blades assist in giving the shears perfect cuts for smooth hedges and lawns.
  • The two interchangeable blades are hardened to last longer even when used intensively.
  • Safety brake knob that is well positioned for easy access, makes it possible to quickly stop the shears to avoid accidents
  • Rubberised handle to ensure you get a good comfortable grip on the trimmer when working
  • Comes complete with a charger and an additional blade, great value for money and extra product longevity.


  • The cordless design makes it easy to work on lawns and hedges located all over the garden
  • For added safety, the machine has an emergency brake to stop the blades fast and avoid damage or injury.
  • Because of its light weight, the machine is easy to use even when you need to reach high and low to access hard to reach areas


  • This machine is unsuitable for heavy manual tasks especially when grass is hardened or branches of hedges have overgrown. In these cases you’ll need to dig out the traditional full scale hedge trimmer, so this isn’t a complete substitute


Ok, so we’ll be honest this isn’t the greatest quality tool of its type, and everyone wants the best tools to give his or her garden the best chance of flourishing into something special. There again, if you’ve got a small garden and you’re limited on budget, and indeed storage space, then this might well be the perfect tool to help you keep your back yard form turning against you.

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