Ryobi OBL1802 ONE+ Cordless Leaf Blower Review

What if you purchased a leaf blower that, well, didn’t blow. According to a majority of online reviews, the Ryobi OBL1802 ONE+ Cordless Blower lacks the power to remove even dry leaves from your lawn. Forget the damp leaves that fall to the ground after a rainstorm. Nine times out of ten you need a rake and bin liner to extricate damp leaves. Ryobi claim it possesses an airflow speed of 120 miles per hour. Even if that’s true, numerous leaf blowers on the market reach airflow speeds that exceed 200 miles per hour. Touted as a light debris cleaning leaf blower, the machine barely achieves its purpose for removing small leaf accumulations. Even worse, the lack of output doesn’t mean the engine can’t overheat. Users often report overheating problems using the leaf blower in mild weather conditions.

The upside to the Ryobi OBL1802 ONE+ Cordless Blower is the lightweight design that places little or no strain on your body. You can carry the machine for hours at a time and not feel any of the pain inflicted by other types of leaf blowers, and it must be said leaf blowers are notorious for being heavy. However, what good does it do to own an ergonomic leaf blower that fails to blow leaves? Even the Lithium-ion battery that eliminates petrol engine problems can’t save the day for this leaf blower. The leaf blower receives kudos for producing little, if any noise. Again this is commendable, yet the same can be said for other leaf blowers that sit idle on a garage shelf. Ryobi doesn’t include the Lithium-ion battery in the package, which further irritates already frustrated users.


  • Lightweight (1.6kg) design reduces muscle tension
  • Little, if any noise


  • Battery not included
  • Inferior blowing speed of 120 miles per hour
  • Unable to collect light leaf accumulations
  • One-dimensional operating system
  • Susceptible to overheating


Even the most poorly designed leaf blowers possess a few attributes that prompt consumer to pause and consider making a purchase. The same can’t be said for the Ryobi OBL1802 ONE+ Cordless Blower. Although it’s true the ergonomically friendly design mitigates arm and shoulder pain, it doesn’t matter that the lightweight design encourages mobility and a pain-free blowing experience. In short, when this poor performing leaf blower sits on a shelf, you enjoy the same ergonomic benefits that you enjoy when holding it in your hand.

Look elsewhere for a battery driven leaf blower unless your need for it is absolutely minimal.

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